I think by banning books, it will creates a very negative effect on people and more importantly the kids also it will eliminate the teaching of life for student

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  1. I Think by banning books, it will creates a very negative effect on people and more importantly the kids also it will eliminate the teaching of life for student. Also it going through life with no knowledge of what else is out there. As well as “rainbows and lollipops it can be pretty detrimental, as older people and kids they would not be able to handle life too well in the real word. If the whole time when they were so young they were being protected from all the bad things. Moreover A lot of people will decide what the best for the children’s. Once in a while it harms them in many ways than helping them. So clearly Book should not be banned from our society. On the other hand a lot of books have profanity. However When you keep the so-called negative parts of the books. In kids gain so much knowledge of what and what is not good to do, say or act. So Books are people’s ways to escape the bad things that happen to them and reality for just a moment time

While books should not be banned from society, some books have a lot profanity. Nonetheless, this would be taking away rights of citizen through the first amendment. The first amendment says that we have the freedom of speech and press, not the freedom of ending of reading what other allow us to read. In contrast, many books have suggestive content that might encourage bad behavior. And be that as it May, banning or censorship book does not allow a lot of kids to have their own censorship and let them think about what they should or should not do. Not to mention. It also ruins the opportunity for the parents to teach their own kids about censorship, themselves

I think that books it can be banned for the fact that everyone is entitled to freedom of speech. I may think that the United States constitution, the first amendment clearly granted American citizens the right to say whatever they want. People feels as though certain books would not be view. They come to realization that everything that is publish is not for the general public. Therefor banning books it can be good for a lot of situations. A lot of people need to come back to reality and see that nothing is perfect in this world. Literal should be view as art not trouble

To conclude. There are so many reason why people are banning books. And some people it’s too keep the mind pure also others feels as though children should not be subjected to that type of so much knowledge nit in the reality, they need to take a look at the real world through books if it teaches them anything important that they had been thought good. Kids and older people need to embrace what put outs for them and get as much knowledge as possible they can get.

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