I. The Road to the War of 1812

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The War of 1812

I. The Road to the War of 1812

  1. When England & France resumed war in 1803 & violated U.S. neutrality, Jefferson approved the Embargo of 1807

  1. The embargo restricting U.S. trade with _________________ & ____________________

  2. Jefferson contradicted his own principles of weak _____________________ & liberty

  3. The embargo was ________________________

a. The embargo hurt NE ___________________ more than it hurt England or France

b. Embargo required a larger ___________________ to prevent smuggling

B. In 1808, ______________ ____________________ was elected president & proved equally ineffective in gaining

recognition of neutrality

C. Republican _________ Hawks called for war, but Federalists were opposed…War against ________________ was

declared in 1812

II. James Madison & the War of 1812

  1. The War of 1812

  1. The U.S. was _________________ for war with England: refused to raise _____________, had a small ______________ & government

  2. The early campaigns did not go well for the American army or navy

B. Key Battles & Strategies

1. The British unsuccessfully invaded the U.S. through ___________________ after the Battle of Plattsburg

  1. The British successfully attacked the Chesapeake, burned the _______________, & bombed

Fort __________________ in Baltimore

  1. The U.S. won at the Battle of _________ _______________ after the war was over making _______________ _________________ a national hero

C. At the Hartford Convention in 1814, NE Federalists called for Constitutional changes to preserve their power:

1. Wanted to restrict Congressional war powers, limit the president to one ___________, & end the

_______ Compromise

2. The Federalists appeared disloyal & never recovered

III. Treaty of Ghent ended the War of 1812

A. The Treaty of Ghent (1814) did not address U.S. neutrality or British ______________________

B. The effects of the war:

1. Ended British-________________ alliances in the west

2. Led Spain to cede ________________ & redrew the southern U.S. border)

3. The Federalists were fatally wounded & never ____________________

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The American Revolution & the War of 1812

American Revolution

The War of 1812

Causes of the War

Long-Term Causes


Long-Term Causes







Advantages/ Disadvantages





Turning Point Battles & Their Impact

Treaty & the Terms of the Treaty

Impact/Effects of the War

Essential Question: To what degree was the War of 1812 a “second American Revolution”?

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