I. Questions of periodization A. Nature and causes of changes in the world history framework leading up to 600 C. E. – 1450 as a period

A. Japanese and European feudalism

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A. Japanese and European feudalism

B. Developments in political and social institutions in both eastern and western Europe

C. Compare the role and function of cities in major societies

D. Compare Islam and Christianity

E. Gender systems and changes, such as the impact of Islam

F. Aztec Empire and Inca Empire

G. Compare European and sub-Saharan African contacts with the Islamic world
X. Examples of What You Need to Know

A. Arab caliphate, but not the transition from Umayyad to 'Abbasid

B. Mamluks, but not Almohads

C. Feudalism, but not specific feudal monarchs such as Richard I

D. Manorialism, but not the three-field system

E. Crusading movement and its impact, but not specific crusades

F. Viking exploration, expansion, and impact, but not individual explorers

G, Mongol expansion and its impact, but not details of specific khanates

H. Papacy, but not particular popes

I. Indian Ocean trading patterns, but not Gujarati merchants

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