I. Questions of periodization A. Nature and causes of changes in the world history framework leading up to 600 C. E. – 1450 as a period

III. Interregional networks and contacts

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III. Interregional networks and contacts

    1. Development and shifts in interregional trade, technology, and cultural exchange

  1. Buying/trading goods big incentive for interactions

  2. If self-sufficient, you can life in isolation

  3. If you lack a resource, two options

a. Take or trade

3. Major trade routes

a. Mediterranean – western Europe, Byzantine Empire, Islamic Empire

b. Hanseatic League

1. Baltic/North Sea Regions

2. 1241 banded together

a. Common trade practices

b. Fight off pirates/foreign governments

c. Establish a trade monopoly

3. 100 cities joined league

4. Impact

a. substantial middle class in Northern Europe

1. Drive changes in future centuries

b. Precedent for large, European trading operations

1. Affected Dutch/English

c. Silk Road

d. Land routes of Mongols

e. Trade between China/Japan

f. Trade between India/Persia

g. Trans-Sharan routes – west Africa/Islamic Empire

4. Trade aided by

a. better boats/roads

b. monetary systems

c. lines of credit

d. accounting – record keeping, money management key

i. Keeping records establishes business relationship

ii. Once you have relationship, you can consider investment

iii. International business the next step

  1. Role in cultural diffusion

a. Religions and languages spred

b. Literature and art spread

c. Plague spread

i. Bubonic plague – Black Death – Asia 14th century

ii. Eventually 1 out of 3 in Europe

iii. Led to decline of feudal society

  1. Global Trade Network

a. Global Network not controlled by one entity

1. Interconnected, highly-independent parts

2. Managers at each site

3. No one managing it, but everyone (accept Americas) involved

b. After 1200 – world interconnected

1. Europe to Islamic World/Russia

2. Islamic World > India, Africa, China

3. India > China/East Africa

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