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Fire Company Named in Suit over Bar Brawl Death of Fire Chief (Pennsylvania)

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43. Fire Company Named in Suit over Bar Brawl Death of Fire Chief (Pennsylvania)
Kathy Mellott

August 29, 2007
The Nanty Glo Fire Company has been named as a codefendant in a lawsuit seeking monetary damages in the barroom brawl death of a Tyrone firefighter.
Blair County Judge Daniel Milliron is allowing the Nanty Glo Veterans of Foreign Wars to bring in the fire company as a codefendant. The wife and two minor children of the late Ray Stringer sued the VFW a year ago.
Stringer, 43, chief of Tyrone’s Nepture Volunteer Fire Company, was drinking at the Nanty Glo VFW on Aug. 19, 2005, during the Central District Firemen’s Convention when he was struck by patron George Lightcap IV.
The family contends that Lightcap was served alcohol at the VFW bar while he was visibly intoxicated.
The VFW maintains in recent court documents that it was not alone in serving alcohol to Lightcap, and that both he and Stringer also had been served by the fire company at the fire hall and a tent near the VFW.
“If the VFW saw that Lightcap was intoxicated, the fire company should have also,” Joseph Massaro, the VFW’s Pittsburgh attorney, said in court documents.
Nanty Glo fire Chief Joseph Lamantia Jr. on Wednesday referred comment to company President Jim Campbell, who could not be reached for comment.
The suit says Stringer could have lived another 35 years. It asked for unspecified damages but noted that Stringer had been earning $72,400 annually at PPG Industries in Tipton.

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