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Will New Law Harvest Change or Sour Grapes? (Oklahoma)

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41. Will New Law Harvest Change or Sour Grapes? (Oklahoma)
Jennifer Mock
News OK

September 9, 2007

When a bill allowing Oklahoma wineries to ship to out-of-state customers goes into effect Nov. 1, it won't lead to a drastic change.
Wineries already are allowed to ship to the 38 states that legally allow it.
Oklahoma isn't one of them, meaning wineries will continue to ship to other states. But wineries won't be able to send a bottle within Oklahoma's borders.
The new law will allow the selling of wine to customers in "direct shipment" states. Though nothing forbids a winery from shipping to other states, some feared the vagueness of the law and didn't risk it, said Gary Butler, president of the Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers Association. The new law will allow wineries to be able to ship to states that allow it without fear they are breaking the law.
But that is just a small victory, Butler said. The real fight is still fermenting.

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