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Huntrods Kicked off Iowa Football Team

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15. Huntrods Kicked off Iowa Football Team

Randy Peterson

Des Moines Register
September 10, 2007

University of Iowa football player Clint Huntrods has been dismissed from the Hawkeye football team, university officials said.

Huntrods, 22, was charged with interference with official acts, public intoxication, and urination in public on Thursday. The arrest occurred at Prentiss and Dubuque streets in Iowa City, according to arrest records.

According to a police report, an officer spotted Huntrods urinating on a sidewalk. Huntrods ran after being told to stop, then was caught. The report says Huntrods had poor balance, red watery eyes, an odor of alcohol, and slurred speech.

Huntrods, a 6-5, 270-pound senior long snapper, was dismissed for violating a “number of team rules," officials said. There was no additional information on that statement.

He was a two-time letterman from Collins and handled all Iowa snaps on points after touchdowns and field goals.

Iowa is 2-0 and travels to Iowa State on Saturday.


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