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Remy Cointreau on Hunt for Distributors

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9. Remy Cointreau on Hunt for Distributors

Jessica Harvey

September 12, 2007

Rémy Cointreau has confirmed that it is looking for new deals in readiness for its exit from Maxxium.

The company, which owns an equal share in the global distribution network with Beam_Global Spirits & Wine, The_Edrington_Group and Vin & Sprit Group, announced late last year that it will pull out of the venture. The departure, scheduled for 2009, reportedly cost Rémy EUR240m.

Speaking to just-drinks yesterday (11 September) Patrick Mariuz, the international ambassador for Rémy's Cognac brand Rémy Martin, said: "We are already creating our own distribution company in China and we are looking for some agreements with distribution companies in Europe and Asia for when we leave Maxxium in 2009."

Mariuz also hinted at a possible renewal of the relationship with Maxxium following the split. "Maybe there will be some agreement that will be continuing with Maxxium, even though we will no longer be a partner," he said.

When asked about speculation that Rémy may be grooming itself for acquisition, Mariuz declared: "We are seriously thinking about having meetings. There is a goal to have the widest presence in markets such as Japan and Russia."

Last July, analysts told just-drinks that Diageo might be interested in the French group, due to its presence in the Cognac category being limited to a 34% stake in Moët Hennessy. Speculation has also centred on Bacardi, Brown-Forman, Constellation Brands and Fortune_Brands as being potential suitors for the French company.


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