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Discovering What is Happening in LE/PR and Ethics Education Australia

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Discovering What is Happening in LE/PR and Ethics Education Australia

In order to get an appreciation of what was happening in the teaching of LE/PR in law schools and in other related disciplines (eg Applied Ethics and Philosophy) in Australia, I designed, piloted, refined, and conducted a written survey of law teachers and teachers of Philosophy and Applied Ethics in February/March 1999. To get a more complete sample, I used the web to locate teachers who might work in relevant discipline areas in addition to law.

From the data I received, I was able to schedule meetings in Australia to discuss teaching approaches, materials, and assessment strategies used by teachers who were interested in sharing their ideas.

Thereafter, on the basis of this research, my literature searches, and my visit to the USA, I developed resource materials and a resource list for use by teachers of LE/PR in Australia, and I distributed additional information about the Fellowship itself.

Initially, I had planned that the dissemination process for the Fellowship would include the presentation of a paper at the Australasian Law Teachers Association (“ALTA”) Conference. This proved impossible due to the timing of, and the cost of, attending the Conference. Instead, I chose to disseminate the project findings in a number of national and international venues, which, I believe, has proved to be more effective than what was originally planned.

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