I. Land and People in the High Middle Ages

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I. Land and People in the High Middle Ages

A. The New Agriculture

1. Technological Changes

2. The Three-Field System

B. The Life of the Peasantry

1. Holidays and the Village Church

2. The Peasant Household

3. Family and the Role of Women

4. The Peasant Diet

C. The Aristocracy and the High Middle Ages

1. The Significance of the Aristocracy

2. The Men of War

3. Castles

4. Aristocratic Women

5. The Way of the Warrior

6. The Role of Tournaments

7. Marriage Patterns of the Aristocracy

II. The New World of Trade and Cities

A. The Revival of Trade

B. The Growth of Cities

1. Founding of New Cities and Towns

2. The Rights of Townspeople

3. City Governments

4. Life in the Medieval City

5. Women in Medieval Cities

C. Industry in Medieval Cities

III. The Intellectual and Artistic World of the High Middle Ages

A. The Rise of the Universities

1. The Origins of Universities

2. Teaching in the Medieval University

3. Students in the Medieval University

B. A Revival of Classical Antiquity

C. The Development of Scholasticism

1. Abelard

2. The Problem of Universals

3. Aquinas

D. The Revival of Roman Law

E. Literature in the High Middle Ages

1. Troubadour Poetry

2. The Heroic Epic

3. The Courtly Romance

F. Romanesque Architecture: “A White Mantle of Churches”

G. The Gothic Cathedral

V. Conclusion

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