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Part II Putting the Parts of Our H-Bomb Together

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Part II Putting the Parts of Our H-Bomb Together

At the heart of the hydrogen bomb is the fusion process. Several atomic bombs, detonated in a certain order, create the exceptionally high temperature (100 million degrees) necessary for the reaction of fusion of lithium deuteride (LiD) into helium. When lithium nuclei crash into deuterium nuclei, two helium nuclei are formed, and if a stable reaction starts, then an enormous amount of energy is released as a result of it: the energy of a hydrogen bomb. You don't have to worry about stealing lithium deuteride from somewhere, it's available from any chemical company. It costs $1000 per pound. If your budget won't let you, you can replace this with lithium hydride for $40 a pound. You need at least 50 kg of it. This is a corrosive and toxic powder, so be careful.

Place lithium deuteride or hydride in glass jars and attach four atomic bombs to them on all sides. Also set the detonators so that all the bombs explode at the same time. A receptacle for the entire hydrogen bomb will not be difficult to find. It can be placed, for example, inside an old refrigerator.

When the detonator on all four atomic bombs fires and the eight hemispheres of fissile material collide with each other, four critical masses will be created at the same moment and four explosions will occur. They will raise the temperature of lithium deuteride to 100 million degrees Celsius.

Part III What to do with your bomb

Now you have a fully assembled hydrogen bomb in your home, delighting your eyes. "What should I do with her?" you ask yourself. Each family could answer this question to their liking, but you may want to consider all of the possibilities, such as those happily opened up by the US government.

1. Sell your bomb and make tons of money.

Nowadays, when inflation is rising, unemployment is increasing and the economic situation is unstable, it happens that the activities of some entrepreneurs are akin to the action of a bomb. If your future is uncertain, your own H-bomb will help save you from living on dole. Regardless of your income level, a homemade H-bomb business can be an invaluable addition to your household budget.

Unfortunately for such activities, the central government has already secured all the important positions in the world market. However, this does not mean that it has already satisfied all potential demand. Still full of various nationalists, ready to notify the world of their presence. The possibility of having a hydrogen bomb will make them just jump for happiness. And how many countries around the world do not have enough money not only for a nuclear reactor, but even for a sufficient amount of rice and sugar!

If you think about it: how can you sell such weapons to countries or underground groups if their actions are not always ... ahem, correct? Never mind, take an example from our government: there is no ideology, but there is money that loves the bill. And remember, trading in hydrogen bombs is like a chain reaction. You sold a bomb to South Yemen, and in a few days you will receive requests to sell a bomb from North Yemen, and possibly from Saudi Arabia, possibly also from Egypt and Ethiopia. In the same way, selling the bomb to the IRA will force the Ulster authorities to buy the bomb. Sold to Tanzania - Uganda would want a bomb too. Well, etc.

It doesn't matter WHICH side you're on, because all these sides can't be counted. Don't forget about the possibility of reselling bombs to your regular customers as well. As experience shows, any single country would like to buy a hydrogen bomb. In short, there are so many potential buyers that it is even impossible to imagine.

2. Using the bomb for home use

For many families, the H-bomb can serve as a home watchman. A simple piece of paper that says "This house is protected by an H-bomb" will help deter tax collectors and census takers, not to mention Jehovah's Witnesses. You will be amazed at how quickly the crime rate drops and the standard of living rises in your area. And one day, when the news spreads that you have a hydrogen bomb at home, you suddenly find that you now have the final say in all the disputes that take place near your house - from where and how to properly park your car, how loud music should sound, and ending with how much you actually have to pay for kindergarten. What a pleasure, joy and delight it is to have a hydrogen bomb at home!

But is it for you?

Gotta be honest. Not everyone can have a hydrogen bomb. There are people for whom it is even contraindicated. They are covered with a rash even at the mention of megatons of TNT, radioactive dust or radiation sickness.

We offer you a test that will help you find out if you can become a full owner of a hydrogen bomb. If you answer "yes" to six or more questions, you are eligible to join the nuclear club. If not, then botulinum toxin, laser beams, or nerve gas might be a better weapon for you.


1. I ignore everyone who contacts me.

2. I subscribe to one of (or several) publications: "Soldier of Fortune", "Playboy", "Science and Life", "Do It Yourself".

3. I have many interesting acquaintances, but my best friend is myself.

4. I know what you will say to me after you say “Hi!”, but I rarely continue the conversation.

5. I have watched The Deer Hunter many times.

6. I know that anyone could achieve anything if they wanted to. That's basically how I do it.

7. I have some (or all) of the following at home: a gun, a video game, a trash press, a snowmobile.

8. I am convinced that leukemia is a disease from the nerves.

9. I believe that most vegetarians are impotent.

10. I have proof that solar energy is a communist invention.

Myths about nuclear war

Even after the atomic mushroom swept over Hiroshima, ushering in the nuclear age, pathetic groups of unintelligent people tried to fan the campaigns and hold demonstrations, convincing Americans that using nuclear energy, and in particular, having a hydrogen bomb can be dangerous and even unhealthy. . Using their exclusive influence on television and radio, these people tried to discredit everything related to the atom - from energy to military applications. With their dirty insinuations about the use of nuclear weapons, they so embarrassed the Americans that many now do not know where the lie is and where the truth is. So here are the myths and here are the real facts.

Myth: After the exchange of nuclear strikes, the earth will not be suitable for human habitation.

Fact: This is complete nonsense. As one scientist said: “The largest bomb that was detonated was 60 megatons, which is one thousandth of the strength of an earthquake, one thousandth of the strength of a hurricane. In the place where hurricanes and earthquakes passed, people continue to live for a long time.” Another scientist said: “It is often claimed that a full-scale nuclear war could be the end of humanity. This is far from reality. To put an end to life on earth, it is necessary to blow up at least a thousand times, and possibly more, all the nuclear weapons available today. Even if humanity completely dies out, there will still be many living forms, for example, cockroaches, some types of bacteria or lichens.

Myth: Radiation is bad for health

Fact: Anything can be bad if consumed in excess. If you eat too many bananas, your stomach will hurt. If you wallow in the sun for too long, you'll get sunstroke and maybe even peel off your skin. The same with radiation. You can feel bad about everything, but according to the official assurances of nuclear power engineers, there is currently no evidence that low levels of radiation can somehow adversely affect health. Incidentally, the high level of radiation, even benefits. Its impact accelerates evolution, frees from unnecessary genetic lines and creates new ones. (Remember the old proverb: “One head is good, but two is better.”) Exposure to radiation will save you from annoying grass growing in front of the house and constantly scratching your legs. And teenagers will find that short-term exposure to a nuclear explosion will completely rid the skin of acne, blackheads and other troubles. (Many survivors of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima ended up with no skin at all, and, accordingly, without the problems associated with caring for it).

We hope that all of the above will completely relieve you of your doubts. Enjoy your very own H-bomb!

Sorry for mistakes, I use a google translator
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