I grew up singing ‘Rule, Brittania,’ drawing the Union Jack, and reading stacks of Captain Marvel and Batman comic books

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1998 Wahoo War of the Minds

Round # 7

Packet by Subash Maddipoti (II)

1. She said of herself, “I grew up singing ‘Rule, Brittania,’ drawing the Union Jack, and reading stacks of Captain Marvel and Batman comic books.” Nevertheless, she helped separate her country’s literary identity from both English and American influences. She did this by working as an editor for the House of Anansi Press; by writing the work Survival, a “map” for the uncharted territory of Canadian literature; and by compiling the Oxford Book of Canadian Verse. In such novels as The Edible Woman and Cat’s Eye, she presents an individual’s quest for personal integrity. FTP, who is this author, most famous for her futuristic work, The Handmaid’s Tale?

Answer: Margaret Atwood

2. Under this Russian tsar and his education minister, S.S. Uvarov, the principles of autocracy, orthodoxy, and nationalism were first firmly embedded in the school curricula. His own particular innovation was the concentration of power in His Majesty’s Chancery, a bureau originally organized to deal with matters requiring the sovereign’s participation. Out of this bureau came the Third Section, Russia’s first secret, political police. Commonly called the Gendarme of Europe by his contemporaries, FTP, what Russian tsar assumed the throne during the Decembrist Revolt of 1825 and ruled until 1855?

Answer: Nicholas I

3. This disorder is due to a dominant autosomal allele, H. In homozygous recessive individuals, it is lethal to the fetus. However, in heterozygotes, onset of the disease is usually delayed until well into adulthood, typically around age 40. If the carrier has children, each child has a 50% chance of inheriting the allele, transmitting it to his or her offspring, and eventually developing the disease. Symptoms include personality changes and degeneration of the nervous system, leading to a gradual loss of motor function and coordination. FTP, what is this disorder that claimed the life of American folk singer and composer, Woody Guthrie at age 39?

Answer: Huntington’s Disease (do not accept HD)

4. This school of philosophical thought maintained that philosophy is a rational and analytical discipline, rather than a speculative or metaphysical one. It began with a group of philosophers in the 1920’s, known as the Vienna Circle, who were greatly influenced by the works of Ludwig Wittgenstein. Its influence extended to England, and the Oxford philosophers, where the study of meaning became embroiled with linguistic philosophy. FTP, name this school of philosophy that maintained nothing is meaningful unless empirically verified, and was concerned with a logical analysis of thought and meaning?

Answer: logical positivism

5. Chartered in 1328, it originally developed as a fishing village. In 1340, the town received permission to dig a canal to the Schie, and by the 17th century it had expanded its harbors and accommodations along the Maas River. During World War II, the Germans destroyed much of the city, including the Grote of St. Laurenskerk or St. Lauren’s Church. At present, it is home to the Waal Harbor, the largest dredged harbor in the world. Its economy is almost entirely based on shipping, but it does transport raw oil to Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Germany. FTP, identify this major European port, the centerpiece of Zuid-Holland province, and the second largest city in the Netherlands.

Answer: Rotterdam

6. In 1900 three Europeans, Carl Correns, Erich Tschermak, and Hugo de Vries, independently verified his results and revived his theories. His interest in natural science developed during his studies at the Philosophical Institute at Olmutz. When he moved to Brno in 1843, he took his current name. At the University of Vienna he studied physics, and in 1856 he performed his first set of hybridization characteristic experiments. The experiments eventually gave rise to his three postulates, regarding unit factors, dominance and recessiveness, and segregation. FTP, who was this Augustinian monk, best known for his pea experiments?

Answer: Gregor Johann Mendel

7. After the Franco-Prussian War, he helped found the Societe Nationale de Musique, and produced his first symphonic poem, Omphale’s Spinning Wheel in the same year. In his concerti and symphonies, he adapted the virtuosity of Franz Liszt’s style to French form, and his Third Symphony is most often performed. He gave his first piano recital at the age of 11, and studied organ and composition at the Paris Conservatoire, where his First Symphony was performed in 1855. FTP, who is the composer of the opera Samson et Dalila, best known for his Carnival of the Animals?

Answer: Camille (Charles) Saint-Sa‘ns (san-sohns)

8. While studying at Cambridge he married Elizabeth Bourchier in 1620. His political career began with election to Parliament in 1628, where he supported the Grand Remonstrance presented to Charles II. He later became a captain in the parliamentary army at the Battle of Edgehill, and by 1643 was serving in the eastern counties of England. The next year he became second in command of the army and two years later, following the execution of Charles I, he became first chairman of the Council of State of the new Republic. FTP, who was this man, who served during the Commonwealth as lord protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland?

Answer: Oliver Cromwell

9. This scientist’s family came to Nevada from Germany in 1854. While in Nevada, he obtained an appointment to the US Naval Academy. At the academy, he did excellently in science and began his lifelong pursuit of an accurate measurement of the speed of light. He developed an interferometer and used it to measure the standard meter in terms of wavelength of a red line in Krypton. He also used the interferometer to try and find the “ether,” or reference frame for light, an experiment which supported special relativity, twenty years before Einstein’s paper. FTP, who is physicist whose namesake experiment was performed with E.W. Morley?

Answer: Albert Michelson

10. The principle was originally invoked by Durand de Saint-Pourcain, a French Dominican theologian and philosopher of dubious orthodoxy. He used it to explain that abstraction is the apprehension of some real entity, such as an Aristotelian cognitive species or an active intellect, both of which he spurned as unnecessary. The man for whom it is named used it to dispense with relations, which were held to be nothing distinct from their foundation in things; and with motion, which is merely the reappearance of a thing in a different place. FTP, what is this concept translated from Latin to “entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity,” which was used “sharply” by William of Ockham?

Answer: Ockham’s razor or Law of Economy or Law of Parsimony

11. Her fame was not fully established until Margaretta M. Odell published a Memoir in her 1834 edition of this writer’s Poems. Her first published verse, appearing in Philadelphia Magazine, contained a foreword attesting to her talents signed by 18 prominent Massachusetts men including John Hancock. Her first poem, an elegy on the death of the English evangelical preacher George Whitefield, was published when she was 17 years old. She is credited with the literary origin of two aesthetic lineages: the black American literary tradition and the black female literary tradition. FTP, who is this poet, best known for “On Being Brought from Africa to America”?

Answer: Phillis Wheatley

12. While a student at the University of Vienna, he attempted to rationalize a belief in astrological influences on human health as a result of a subtle, invisible fluid transmitted by planetary forces. He later revised his theories by stating that individuals transmit universal forces to other individuals in the form of “animal magnetism.” Accused of practicing magic, he was forced to leave Austria in 1778, and settled in Paris only to have his practice destroyed with the onset of the French Revolution. FTP, who was this early “psychologist,” whose system of therapeutics was the forerunner of the modern practice of hypnotism?

Answer: Franz Anton Mesmer

13. This region is first mentioned in the annals of king Ashurnasirpal II, who ruled from 884 to 859 BC. Earlier documents had referred to the same area as “Sealand” or simply southern Babylonia. It was raided in 850 BC by Shalmaneser III of Assyria who crossed it to reach the Perisan Gulf. With the decline of Assyrian power, Nabopolassar became king of Babylon and erected its first and only dynasty until the Persian invasion of 539 BC. FTP, what is this land, frequently mentioned in the Old Testament, bordering the head of the Persian Gulf between the Arabian desert and the Euphrates delta?

Answer: Chaldea or Chaldaea (accept early buzz of Sealand; prompt on Babylonia)

14. He learned rhetoric and laws under Isaeus. He applied these skills at the age of eighteen during lawsuits against his three guardians, who had embezzled and squandered his inheritance. One of his earliest works, On the Symmories, advocates an increase in the number of citizens liable for taxation to support naval units, revealing his concern for his city’s military preparedness. In On the Crown, he defends his principles and attacks Aeschines, one of the supporters of Phillip II of Macedon. FTP, name this man, who was called Argas, or the snake, for his savage, quick-witted oratory, after presenting the first of his Phillipics.

Answer: Demosthenes

15. They are classified two ways, first as cyclic or aliphatic olefins and second as monoolefins, diolefins, and so on. Those containing two to four carbon atoms per molecule are gaseous at ordinary temperature and pressure, and those containing five or more carbons are usually liquid at room temperature. They are rare in nature but can be formed in large quantities during the catalytic cracking of petroleum oils to gasoline, with the lower olefins used extensively in the petrochemical industry. FTP, what is this type of compound, with the formula CnH2n where n is an integer, and defined as any unsaturated hydrocarbon containing one or more pairs of carbon atoms linked by a double bond?

Answer: alkene

16. He was commonly referred to as the “Vestris of the North” and the “eighth wonder of the world.” The son of Thomas and Eleonora, both of whom were local celebrities, he entered the Imperial School of Dancing in his country at the age of nine. At sixteen, he became a soloist at the Marinsky Theater. He went on to join the Ballets Russes, appearing in such classics as Giselle, Swan Lake, and The Sleeping Beauty. He eventually retired due to a nervous breakdown and schizophrenic condition. FTP, name this Russian-born ballet dancer and choreographer, celebrated for his spectacular leaps and sensitive interpretations.

Answer: Vaslav Nijinsky

17. After he is shipwrecked, his companions eat his dog, and then his tutor Pedrillo. He is washed onto a Greek island, where he falls in love with the daughter of a pirate, but is sold into slavery by her father, and ends up the property of a sultana in Constantinople. FTP, identify this title character of an “epic satire” in ottava rima, whose 16 cantos were published between 1819 and 1824, an unfinished poem by Lord Byron.

Answer: Don Juan ("joo-an")

18. The name is the same. It is a type of cartilaginous fish related to sharks and rays, but separated from them in the subclass Holocephali. In architecture it is a term loosely used for any grotesque, fantastic, or imaginary beast used in decoration. In Greek mythology, she devastated the cities of Caria and Lycia, and is usually represented as a fire-breathing monster resembling a lion in the forepart, a goat in the middle, and a dragon behind. FTP, give the common name, which is now a word used to denote a fantastic idea or figment of the imagination, which also denotes a creature eventually slain by Bellerophon.

Answer: Chimera

19. As a youngster he closely observed and copied the works of Andrea Mantegna, Sandro Botticelli, and Hans Holbein the Younger. Originally planning to be a lawyer, he ended up enrolling at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in the studio of Louis Lamonthe. Initially he concentrated on history and portraits such as Madame Camus and the Portrait of the Duchess of Morbilli. Eventually he abandoned historical painting and found his subject matter in the fast-moving city life of Paris, as evidenced by such works as Place de la Concorde and Two Laundresses. FTP, who was this French painter, most famous for his paintings, drawings, and bronzes of ballerinas?

Answer: Edgar Degas

20. His paternal grandfather, Sam Ealy, and great-uncle, Tom, had brought the family to Texas before the Civil War. After graduating high school he resisted college and went to California where he washed dishes, waited tables, ran an elevator, and did farm work. Eventually he hitchhiked back to Texas and borrowed $75 for tuition at Southwest Texas State Teachers College. After graduation he became a teacher and from 1937 to 1949 served in the U.S. House of Representatives. In 1948 he was elected to the Senate, in 1955 he was elected Senate Majority Leader, and in 1960, he came in second for the Democratic Presidential nomination. FTP, who was this man, who eventually became the 36th President of the United States?

Answer: Lyndon Baines Johnson or LBJ

21. At the age of 19, he placed first at the Regio Emilia tournament ahead of the then world number’s one and two, Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov. Currently ranked third in the FIDE world rankings, in February 1998 he tied defending FIDE world chess champion Anatoly Karpov, but failed to unseat him, losing two playoff rapid chess games. He was also unsuccessful in his 1997 attempt to defeat the PCA world chess champion, Gary Kasparov. FTP, who is chess player who earlier this month finished ahead of Kasparov at first in the Linares Super Tournament, the highest ranked chess player ever from India?

Answer: Vishwanathan or Vishy Anand
22. In 1857, at the young age of 16, he became a member of the New York Yacht Club, and nine years later captured the world’s attention by winning the world’s first transatlantic yacht race and a purse of $60,000. He introduced polo to the United States in 1876, and with his wealthy friends founded the Westchester Polo Club in New York. He also built the Casino, the site of the first 34 national tennis championships. In addition, he sponsored Henry Stanley’s exotic search for David Livingstone. FTP, who was this son of a Scottish newspaper giant, the colorful and eccentric owner of the New York Herald during the latter half of the 19th century?

Answer: James Gordon Bennett Jr.

23. His real name is Sir Percy Blakeney and his wife, the Lady Marguerite knows nothing about his double life. He saves aristocrats in distress, and he and his band of followers threaten the power of the rulers of The French Revolution. To them, he is a maddeningly elusive figure who defies their vast network of fanatics, informers, and secret agents. Some believe that this man of many disguises, endless ruses, and infinite daring is an exiled French nobleman, seeking vengeance. Others say he is an English lord, seeking sheer adventure and supreme sport. Wherever he goes, he leaves his calling card, a blood-red flower that gives him his name. FTP, who is this title character of Baroness Orczy?

Answer: The Scarlet Pimpernel

25. The first step is appropriately termed initiation and starts at specific promoter sites. One subunit of a polymerase enzyme, the sigma subunit, recognizes these promoters and the second step, elongation, begins. Elongation proceeds in the 5 prime to 3 prime direction until a termination signal is encountered on the parent template. This usually occurs in the form of the Rho-protein, which once recognized inactivates the polymerase enzyme. FTP, what is the process, the synthesis of RNA from a DNA template?

Answer: Transcription

It is the only dramatic work during the author’s Melikhovo period. First performed in St. Petersburg, this four-act drama, misnamed a comedy, was badly received and almost hissed off the stage. It deals with young Konstanin Trepliov, his literary ambitions, and his love for Nina Zarechnaya, an aspiring actress. Trepliov’s hopes for greatness suffer when a private performance of his play is laughed off the stage. He fears the loss of Nina and becomes jealous of her friendship with Trigorin, a rival writer and former lover of Trepliov’s mother. The play ends with Trepliov’s suicide, after having heard Nina’s speech in which she compares herself to the title animal. FTP, name this Anton Chekhov play?

Answer: The Sea Gull

Set in a hedonistic Europe just after World War I, a wealthy mental patient, Nicole, falls passionately in love with her young psychiatrist, Dick Diver. She finds her cure in marrying him, but as she achieves mental stability and emotional independence, he deteriorates. Finally Nicole leaves him for a man who will be a lover and not her caretaker. Many critics claim, that Dick Diver is a reflection of the author, and that the character of Nicole represents the author’s wife, Zelda. FTP, what is this book, redone by Malcolm Cowley in 1951, and originally written by F. Scott Fitzgerald?

Answer: Tender Is the Night

Subash (II) Boni
1. Given a definition, identify the following “c-o-n” terms from genetics for the stated number of points.

1. 5: It is a temporary fusion of two single-celled organisms for the sexual exchange of genetic material.

Answer: conjugation

2. 10: In studies of twins, it is a condition in which both twins exhibit or fail to exhibit a trait under investigation.

Answer: concordance (accept concordity)

3. 15: This term is applied to those individuals that are related by a common ancestor within the previous few generations.

Answer: consanguine
2. Identify the following Achaians and Trojans from the Iliad, FTP each.

1. He is the oldest Achaian warrior at Troy. He has the wisdom and experience of age and is a valuable asset in the council.

Answer: Nestor

2. He is the soothsayer and prophet of the Achaians:

Answer: Calchas

3. He is the infant son of Hector and Andromache:

Answer: Astynax
3. Identify the politician, 30-20-10.

1. He acted as counsel for Aaron Burr in a Kentucky grand jury investigation of Burr’s plan to establish an empire in the Southwest.

2. He was twice the unsuccessful Whig candidate for president, in 1832 and 1844.

3. He is known as the “Great Compromiser.”

Answer: Henry Clay
4. Given some lines, name the Edgar Allan Poe poem FTP each.

1. “All the heavens, seem to twinkle With a crystalline delight; Keeping time, time, time, In a sort of Runic rhyme”

Answer: “The Bells

2. “And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side, Of my darling--my darling--my life and my bride .”

Answer: “Annabel Lee

3. “The agate lamp within thy hand! Ah, Psyche, from the regions which Are Holy-Land!”

Answer: “To Helen
5. Note the following 3 embryonic germ layers: ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. Given human body organs or systems, identify which embryonic layer they arise from for 5 points each and a 5 point bonus for all correct.

1. the inner ear and the olfactory organ Answer: ectoderm

2. the heart and gonads Answer: mesoderm

3. the anterior pituitary gland Answer: ectoderm

4. the liver and the pancreas Answer: endoderm

5. respiratory system Answer: endoderm

6. Given a capital, identify its country for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: Kinshasa Answer: Zaire

2. 10 points: Freetown Answer: Sierra Leone

3. 10 points: Maseru Answer: Lesotho

4. 5 points: Nairobi Answer: Kenya
7. Given the location of the capital and years of rule, identify the following Chinese dynasties FTP each.

1. capital at Karakorum, 1206-60, Ta-tu, 1267-1368

Answer: Yuan or Mongol

2. capital at Hui-ning, 1115-52, Ta-hsing, 1152-1234

Answer: Chin or Juchen

3. capital at Nanking, 1368-1421, Peking, 1421-1644

Answer: Ming
8. Answer these questions about literary Toms FTP each.

1. This Tom is found and raised by Squire Alworthy, though it is Alworthy’s sister, Bridget, who is his mother.

Answer: Tom Jones

2. This Tom is the hero of a couple of books for boys by the English reformer, Thomas Hughes.

Answer: Tom Brown

3. This Tom was popularized by Rudyard Kipling, and has become the standard name for a British private soldier.

Answer: Tom or Tommy Atkins
9. Answer the following questions about the French Revolution FTP each.

1. Who authored the pamphlet, What is the Third Estate?, a spirited attack upon the privileges of nobility and clergy? Ironically, he himself was a clergyman.

Answer: Emmanuel Joseph Siyes ("see-yes"; also known as L'AbbŽ Siyes)

2. Who was King Louis XVI’s chief financial minister, a man known as an advocate of reform and conciliation? He was dismissed by Louis in July of 1789.

Answer: Jacques Necker

3. What document, approved on August 27, 1789, entailed liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression as the “natural rights” of every citizen?

Answer: The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
10. Given some works, identify the philosophers who wrote them FTP each

1. The Realm of Essence, Reason in Society, The Sense of Beauty

Answer: George Santayanna

2. Opera Posthuma, A Treatise on Religious and Political Philosophy, Ethics

Answer: Baruch Spinoza

3. Stages on Life’s Way, Repetition, Either-Or

Answer: Soren Aabye Kierkegaard
11. Answer the following questions about the independence of the Democratic Republic of Congo FTP each.

1. Who was the first prime minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo, appointed in June of 1960, only to be assassinated 6 months later?

Answer: Patrice (Hemery) Lumumba

2. Who was the nation’s first president whose forces caught and executed Lumumba?

Answer: Joseph Kasavubu

3. Who was the Congolese army leader, who seized power for a short time and later became president of Zaire?

Answer: Colonel Joseph Mobutu or Mobutu Sese Seko
12. Answer the following questions about the Old English epic, Beowulf, FTP each.

1. Who is the king of the Danes, the one being attacked by Grendel?

Answer: Hrothgar

2. What is the name of the great mead hall built by King Hrothgar, that is abandoned due to Grendel’s attacks?

Answer: Heorot

3. What is the name of the sword lent to Beowulf to kill Grendel’s mother?

Answer: Hrunting
13. Identify the following female contemporary authors based on works for 15 points each, 5 if you need a better known work.

1. 15: Her works include the novels Wife and The Tiger’s Daughter, and the short story, “The Management of Grief.”

5: This Calcutta-born author’s novel The Middleman and Other Stories won the 1988 National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction.

2. 15: Her works include Meridian and Horses Make a Landscape Look More Beautiful.

5: Her most famous work is the Pulitzer Prize winning The Color Purple.

Answer: Alice Walker

14. Given a collegiate conference, name the school that won that conference’s automatic bid to the 1998 NCAA basketball tournament FTP each.

1. the Big Ten

Answer: University of Michigan

2. the WAC or Western Athletic Conference

Answer: University of Nevada-Las Vegas

3. the MVC or Missouri Valley Conference

Answer: Illinois State University
15. Identify the scientist, 30-20-10.

1. In 1835 he published a paper “On the Equations of Relative Motion of Systems of Bodies,” and a few years later published his “Treatise on the Mechanics of Solid Bodies.”

2. He studied the motion of matter on a spinning surface, and applied the theory to the spinning earth.

3. His namesake “force” or “effect” causes a rightward deflection of objects moving in the northern hemisphere.

Answer: Gustave-Gaspard Coriolis
16. Given some unusual clues, identify the U.S. president for 15 points, 5 if you need a more normal clue.

1. 15: He was the only president to be buried in Washington D.C. He used black golf balls while playing in the snow, and his second wife was a great-granddaughter of Pocahantas.

5: He returned to the U.S. in July of 1919 to present the Treaty of Versailles for Senate approval.

Answer: Woodrow Wilson

2. 15: While sheriff of Oneida County, New York he was also the public executioner and personally hanged two murderers. In addition, his daughter Esther was the only president’s child born in the White House.

5: Benjamin Harrison interrupted his presidency for 4 years

Answer: Grover Cleveland
17. Identify the author from works, 30-20-10.

1. An Enquiry into the Present State of Polite Learning in Europe, The Bee, The Retaliation.

2. The Citizen of the World, The Deserted Village, The Good Natur’d Man

3. The Vicar of Wakefield, She Stoops to Conquer

Answer: Oliver Goldsmith
18. Give the following terms from general chemistry for fifteen points each.

1. The forces caused by a momentary shift in the electron which creates a momentary dipole that can induce a similar dipole in an adjacent molecule.

Answer: London Forces or Van der Waals Forces

2. This type of bond exhibits an unequal sharing of electrons due to a difference in electronegativities. Therefore, the bond will have a slightly positive and a slightly negative end.

Answer: polar covalent bond (prompt on covalent)
19. Identify the following American colleges and universities FTP each.

1. It was founded in 1754 as King’s College and specifically devoted to the spread of secular knowledge.

Answer: Columbia University

2. It was founded in 1701 by conservative Congregationalists, and named for one of its original benefactors.

Answer: Yale University

3. It was founded in 1693 by Anglicans.

Answer: William and Mary College
20. Identify the artist, 30-20-10.

1. Two masterpieces of his Riviera years include Blue Nude and Odalisque with Magnolias.

2. His bronzes of the sculpture The Back are currently in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and his Decorative Figure on an Ornamental Background is housed in the MusŽe National d’Art Moderne in Paris.

3. He is generally regarded as the founder and leader of the “wild beasts” or Fauvists.

Answer: Henri (-Emile-Benoit) Matisse

21. Answer the following questions about Aaron Copland works for the stated number of points.

1. For 5 points each, what are Copland’s three ballets of 1938, 1942, and 1944, all based on American folk material?

Answer: Billy the Kid (1938), Rodeo (1942), Appalachian Spring (1944)

2. For 15 points, what 1962 Copland work was commissioned for the opening of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City?

Answer: Connotations

Given some actors and their roles, identify the literary work on which the movie is based for 15 points each, 5 if you need the author and some more characters.

1. 15: Wes Studi plays Magua, Madeleine Stowe plays Alice Munro

5: James Fenimore Cooper, other characters include Uncas and Chingachgook.

Answer: The Last of the Mohicans

2. 15: Keanu Reeves plays Don John, Michael Keaton plays Dogberry.

5: William Shakespeare, other characters include Claudio, Hero, Beatrice, and Benedick.

Answer: Much Ado about Nothing
Given a brief description, identify the scientist FTP each.

1. This teacher of Johann Kepler died when his bladder exploded at a party.

Answer: Tyco Brahe

2. He discovered piezoelectricity with his brother in 1880, and died when he fell underneath a wagon, one of the wheels of which ran over his head.

Answer: Pierre Curie

3. He was the architect of the first fission reaction from an atomic pile. After attending a seminar at the University of Chicago, he stated, “Before coming here, I was confused about this subject. Having listened to your lecture, I’m still confused, but on a higher level.”

Answer: Enrico Fermi

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