I don’t see much future for the Americans, it's a decayed country

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Adolf Hitler once said that "I don’t see much future for the Americans, it's a decayed country". (citation!). However, after the Cold War, American culture and influence would bewas felt in almost every aspect of German life, . rRanging from media, and philosophy to, music, sports, to literature and and science. Along with the cultural impact from America, Germany, in military aspects, would later joinlater joined NATO (North Atlantic Tereaty Organization) in 1955. Upon joining NATO, Germany vowed to rearm itself and to help defend Western Europe from the on-slought of a Soviet threat. They would later increased their nuclear arsenal , because they were afraid of the start of a nuclear war. Furthermore, the post-war state of Germany's economy was terrible. Additionally, tThe German culture declined due to the effects of the Cold War. Almost 1 in every 5 homes had been destroyed, the economic infrastructure had greatly collapsed, and inflation was inevitable. Among a shortage of food, along with millions of homeless Germans from the east were returning.

“An Iron Curtain has descended across the continent,." Winston Churchill famously said. A famous quote from Winston Churchill. The Iron Curtain speech was presumably arguably the start of the Cold War, but though others may beg to differ. The Cold war War started because of differences among communist Communist and non- communist Communist countries.

The Berlin Airlift played a significant role during the Cold War. It began in June, 1948 and lasted until September 1949. The Berlin Airlift was designed to provide the food and supplies that many were without lacking because due to theof the blockage of railroads and streets, all caused by the blockade. The help came from American and British citizens, who flew all around West Germany dropping thousands of tons of food for the people. It was a very successful plan, and additionally helped America, by appearing as heros, reinforce a positive image and worked out in the long run because it made Americans look like heros.

East and West Germany were split due to the Berlin wall Wall blockadeBlockade, . The Berlin Wall was constructed in 1961 and wasas a way to keep citizens from either side of the divided city separate.East Germany out of West Germany because the city had been divided. Western Germany was occupied by The United States, France, and Great Britain, while East Germany was controlled by the Soviet Union. After the wall Berlin Wall was built, it kept imprisoned the Germans on the Eastern side so theyin order to prevent flight could not flee to Western Germany. Many Germans wanted to leave tthe Eastern side in order to be free and escape procure freedom and escape Ccommunism. Some people and some even had loved ones on the other side opposite side of the wall whom they were not able to see for years , because they were not allowed to enter West Berlincould not cross the division. Additionally, tThe wall, however, created a loss in lives and a , shortage of food while , and the economy steadily ddeclined. Once the Soviet Union Fellfell, the Berlin wall was subsequently then torn down in 1989 and families were finally able to reunite.

In less than one year after theWithin under a year of the destruction of the Berlin Wall, West and East Germany would come together in what was is now known as "Unity Day." Around 1945, whileDuring 1945, while Soviet forces occupied East Germany and the U.S.Allied forces along with allied forces occuppied Western Germany, the divided nation would comejoined together and appeared as a enduring symbol for the Cold War. This unity was partly due to some the the most drastic battles taking place there. While the Communisty Party in East German continued to decline, thousands of East Germans would fleefled the nation. Again, this would be followed by discussion by East and West Germany, the United States, Great Britain, France, and the USSR began discussion on the reunification of Germany.about the reunification of Germany.

America has always played a significant role in other countries’ culture, so It it should is be no surprise they had an effect on Germany as well. 's culture. America’s as a hugedominant influence on other countries because is due mainly to their large economythe US and it's economy is such a dominant country. In addition, America has so much to offer: . Things like culture, freedom, and freedom most countries aren't able to explress freely, and most importantly, money. Oother countries see this America as an having an advantage they have over their own country. The Ccultural effects range from music and s, style, and americanto American television. An excerpt from The Americanization of German Culture which states that "Americanization was now seen as the epitome of cultural imperialism, because the growing role American mass culture played in Germany was attributed not to the attraction of the product itself but to the worldwide market dominance of American companies that pushed competitors and artistically more ambitious alternatives out of the market." This explains how America's influence on any country, especially those in Europe, has had a major impact. The US is often the "go-to-guy," making sure they resolveresolving another country’ies problem in hopes of benefiting from it later. Often, other countries want to be a part of anything made in America. Just because it was made from America, other countries want to be apart of it too.

America's influence on Germany's culture varies from music, movies, and fashion. In the 1950's, American music and culture became a gateway for other countries to get on board with their style. Singers like Elvis , toand Michael Jackson, television networks such as MTV, and political factorsly, have all been an influence to Germany. Punk rock music was a gateway music for many Germany's who were upset or felt a sense of loss-ness because stemming from of wars or general other conflict. ,I it is now the most successful genre of music in Germany.

During the late 1980s, there was a dramatic end of Communist rule in East Germany, which was later followed by the end of the Cold War. Shortly after, there were talks of the reunification of Germany, which happened eventually occured in 1990. However, both economies behind the Iron Curtains were in great disparity. Although While East Germany economy suffered, they witness were forced to witness their West German neighbors flourishing. Along with East Germany, in Russia there were lines of people waiting to buy food. Rations and coupond from the government were given.

In comparison, American women and German women during the Cold War compared to German women were argumentally arguably the same. Both American and Germansets of women wanted equal rights as men, including receiving they wanted to be able to receive the the same benefits, jobs, and pay as the men. During the war, women took over for the absent men. This is shown especially in the workforce. In East Germany, women were promised "equal pay, for equal work." (Jazz, Rock & Rebels) (pg. 5). Women were more likely to get jobs dealing with teaching, and nursing. In the 1950s, American culture began to slowly influence Germany, more specifally the women.

German officals thought of men as being the rebels, but it wasn't until women took an intrest in American music that they catergorized women as the provactive ones. Women in America were seen as sex symbols, provacative, and allurring towards men. German women saw this as something they were interested in this ideal, and in also so many took an intrest in Rock n' Roll music. However, German political officials were not at all happypleased about America's musical influence on Germany. They tried to prevent "The American Way of Life." (Jazz, Rock, & Rebels) (pg 6), which of course was complicated and difficult because many of which were already inspired by Americans fascinating ways.

All in all, the Cold War's effects on American and German cultures have both declined and brought out new ways to see men and women from both countries as just genders. The Cold War's influence in America has had a significant role in German culture. German's have taken an intrest in American music, philosophy, media, and social structure. Major events like the Berlin Blockade, and the Berlin Wall have played a big part in the Cold War. Although lives were lost, families gone without food, these evens paved the way for Germany to reconstruct to something spectacular.

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