I dont see much future for the America. It's a decayed country

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Brianna Parks

Ms. Jane

Rough Draft

Adolf Hitler once said "I dont see much future for the America. It's a decayed country." However, after the Cold War, American culture and influence would be felt in almost every aspect of German life, ranging from media, philosophy, music, sports, to literature and science. Along with cultural impact from America, Germany, in military aspects, would later join NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in 1955. Upon joining NATO, Germany vowed to rearm itself, to help defend Western Europe from the on slought (what do you mean here? @“slought”) of a Soviet threat. They would later increase their nuclear arsenal. Following Germany becoming a part of NATO the Warsaw Pact would later be formed, this was the Soviet military response to Germany entering NATO. This was a defense treaty between eight communist states of Eastern Europe. Furthermore, the post-war state of Germany's economy was terrible. The German culture declined due to the effects of the Cold War. Almost one in every five (always write out numbers ten and under) homes had been destroyed, the economic infrastructure had greatly collapsed, and inflation was inevitable. With a shortage of food, millions of homeless Germans were returning from the east.

East and West Germany were split due to the Berlin wall blockade. The Berlin Wall, constructed in 1961, was a way to keep citizens from East Germany out of West Germany because the city had been divided. Western Germany was occupied by The United States, France, and Great Britain, while East Germany was controlled by the Soviet Union. This kept the Germans on the Eastern side so they could not flee to Western Germany and escape communism. This however, created a loss in lives, shortage of food, and the economy declined. Once the Soviet Union Fell, the Berlin wall was then torn down and families were finally able to reunite.

The Berlin Airlift also played a significant role during the Cold War. It began in June, 1948 and lasted until September 1949. The Berlin Airlift was designed to provide food and supplies may were without because of the blockage of railroads and streets, all caused by the Berlin Wall. The help came from American and British citizens, who flew all around West Germany, dropping thousands of tons of food for the people. It was a very successful plan and worked out in the long run because later the Berlin Wall was torn down.

America has always played a significant role in other countries culture. It is no surprise that they had an effect on Germany's. The cultural effects range from music, style, and American television. I once read an excerpt from The Americanization of German Culture which states this: "Americanization was now seen as the epitome of cultural imperialism, because the growing role American mass culture played in Germany was attributed not to the attraction of the product itself but to the worldwide market dominance of American companies that pushed competitors and artistically more ambitious alternatives out of the market." This explains how America's influence on any country, especially Europe, has a major impact. Just because it was made from America, other countries want to be a part of it too.

The decline in Germany's culture created a power which was shared among The Soviet Union and The United States, but because both countries wanted to control one another, conflict was inescapable.

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