I. Colonial Time 1607 1775

IX. Intellectual, Cultural and Social Trends 1860 – 1900

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IX. Intellectual, Cultural and Social Trends 1860 – 1900

1. Describe the thesis advanced by Frederick Jackson Turner about the relationship of

the frontier to political democracy, and assess the principal arguments that later

historians have made to attack or defend the thesis. (71)

2. The United States in the Gilded Age (1865 –1900) was a materialistic society, sterile

in all forms of artistic expression. Assess the validity of this statement by discussing

literature and the arts (include architecture if you wish) (71)
3. Although the United States is widely regarded as the home of free enterprise, business

values, and materialism, American fiction since 1865 has generally been critical of

business behavior and values. Assess the validity of this generalization with

reference to the work of at least TWO writers who have treated the behavior and

values of businessmen in their fiction since 1865. (80)
4. Most major religious movements reflect significant shifts in religious beliefs and

produce important social changes. Apply this generalization to TWO of the


Seventeenth century Puritans The Second Great Awakening

The First Great Awakening The Social Gospel Movement (85)
5. Assess the validity of this statement in view of the experience of TWO of the


The Scotch-Irish on the eighteenth century Appalachian frontier

The Irish in the nineteenth century urban Northeast

The Chinese in the nineteenth century west (87)
6. From the 1840’s through the 1890’s, women’s activities in the intellectual, social,

economic and political spheres effectively challenged traditional attitudes about

women’s place in society. Assess the validity of this statement. (91)
7. Account for the growth of ONE of the following major urban centers during the

period indicated:

Boston, 1630 – 1700 Cincinnati, 1790 – 1860

New York, 1790 –1860 Chicago, 1830 – 1900

New Orleans, 1790 – 1860 Salt Lake City, 1845 – 1900

Atlanta, 1870 – 1940 Los Angeles, 1890 –1960 (71)

8. Assess the changing status of Blacks between emancipation and the end of the

nineteenth century. (74)

9. Americans have been a highly mobile people. Describe and account for the dominant

Population Movements between 1820 and 1900. (82)

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