I. Colonial Time 1607 1775

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XIV. The 1920’s

1. Alienation from American society is a dominant theme of the literature of the

1920’s. Discuss this statement with reference to TWO writers (novelists, poets,

playwrights, journalists, etc.) citing evidence from their works. (72)

2. The 1920’s witnesses an assault by rural and small town America on Urban

America. Assess the validity of this generalization. (74)

3. From 1790 to the 1870’s, state and national governments intervened in the American

economy mainly to aid private economic interests and promote economic growth.

Between 1890 and 1929, however, government intervention was designed primarily

to curb and regulate private economic activity in the public interest. Assess the

validity of this statement, discussing for EACH of these periods at least TWO major

areas of public economic policy. (77)

4. In what ways did economic conditions and developments in the arts and

entertainment help create the reputation of the 1920’s as the Roaring Twenties? (99)

5. In the work of American writers from the 1820’s through the 1920’s, the city

mirrored America’s darkest fears, whereas the wilderness, the country and the farm

reflected the fondest hopes. Assess the validity of this generalization. You may

draw your evidence from fiction and or non-fiction. (76)

6. The legal, political, and economic rights achieved by minorities and women in the

United States have come largely during periods of major reform movements, which

both helped the struggles of these groups and set limits to them. Assess the validity

of this statement for the history of one or more of these groups in the period 1830 –

1920. (76)
7. The economic policies of the federal government from 1921 to 1929 were

responsible for the nation’s depression of the 1930’s. Assess the validity of this

generalization. (83)

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