I believe that the 10 million dollars that we gained from the retiring superstar should be put to curing and the prevention of hiv/aids

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Dear UN,

I believe that the 10 million dollars that we gained from the retiring superstar should be put to curing and the prevention of HIV/AIDS. The sub Saharan Africa region has the most HIV-positive people in the world as of today so it is logical to focus our support there. Statistics, other organizations and websites such as AVERT and gapminder.com, show that out of all the countries in sub Saharan Africa, South Africa has the most people with HIV/AIDS as it has 5.6 million patients and that number is increasing to date. We should use the money to educate and provide equipment for safe sex. This would involve speeches from our fellow employees and promoting condom usage to the people of sub Saharan Africa.

HIV/AIDS is a huge deal in the modern society, especially Africa. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus as it disrupts the immune cells that prevent illness and diseases, making the infected body more vulnerable to severe sickness. AIDS is similar to HIV as it stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It also weakens immune cells and their ability to function properly. These 2 similar diseases are acquired through bodily fluids. This can either be blood or semen. Unsafe sexual intercourse without condoms is one of the biggest issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. However, sharing needles with someone who had AIDS and mother-to-child transmissions are also very common. As AVERT, a cooperation that specifically helps with HIV/AIDS curing shows, HIV cannot be transmitted through saliva or kissing. It enters the blood and contaminates the cells thus rendering them useless against incoming diseases. WHO stated that as of 2011, the total number of people suffering from AIDS where approximately 34 million people while AVERT also states that out of that 34 million people, 23.5 million of them were from Africa while 5.6 million were from South Africa. Africa covers over a third of the world’s HIV/AIDS cases and South Africa covers a seventh. This is a huge deal as it is not that South Africa has a huge population. It is stated in gapminder.com that although South Africa has the most AIDS cases, it has only a population of 50 million people.

A solution that would prevent AIDS from passing onto next generations is education and safe sex. We should educate the people of South Africa who don’t know about how severe the disease could be and should promote condom usage and safe sex. This is a plan that many tried and some have succeeded. However, as 10 million dollars cannot accomplish as much as curing the whole country, prevention is the best solution for a cost efficient outcome as providing education and condoms has the potential to impact many lives and save many as well. Also, by doing this, we can convince schools to have life skills involving sex and the needed safety within them. AVERT says that in Nigeria, only 23% of the schools showed life skills and safe sex education in 2009. South Africa has less people thus making 1 school educate kids has a bigger impact on the people. Also, this method would not allow mother-to-child transmissions through genes as it will prevent HIV/AIDS positive people from having HIV/AIDS positive kids. There is a successful case as from 1990 – 2001, the infant mortality rate went up from 44 out of 1000 kids dying, to 56.2 out of 1000 kids. Also, it shows that out of the 5.6 million people living in South Africa with AIDS, 2.9 million of them are women. Women cover over half of the people with HIV in South Africa. This method of prevention will help them not to transmit the disease to other African men where they would transmit the disease to another woman thus spreading the disease even more.

This method is very cost efficient in preventing AIDS from spreading. A condom is significantly cheap as it usually only costs $10.99 for 12 packets of condoms. We could provide these to each person that are from 15 – 49. However, we also need to educate the people as without the knowledge and the numbers, they wouldn’t know the true dangers of HIV and AIDS. We would need probably about 10 people to educate the citizens and to give out the condoms. Speeches will need to be made as those are the most effective way to draw one’s attention and to provide information at the same time. We would need about 3 trucks if we were to go around villages or towns giving out the condoms. This project would consist of giving 100,000 people 12 packets of condoms. If each UN employee would work for 100,000 dollars, each truck would cost 25,000 and each 12 packets of condoms cost approximately 11 dollars, after doing the simple math, as estimated maximum of 2,175,000 dollar of the money gained is spent to potentially save 100,000 lives in South Africa. We would make an expedition and an exhibition to inform the people by having a UN employee give a speech while the others would hand the condoms out. However, that would only be only for a year. We could repeat this expedition around South Africa for at least 3 more consecutive years. This way we can repeatedly remind them of the much needed safe sex education and provide condoms for prevention of AIDS. This is a fairly simple but very successful solution to the prevention of HIV/AIDS. AVERT shows that the condom usage in South Africa increased form 31% to 64.8% within just a few years (from 2002 – 2008). Our plan is to increase that percentage as much as possible within a maximum of 5 years.

People that have gone through education, people that have accessibility to information know the dangers and potential pandemonium that HIV/AIDS can cause. However, some of the people in Africa have the luck that we do and don’t know what to do with AIDS. AIDS is preventable. The biggest reason why developed countries have low AIDS cases, are not because of the treatment but because people know and are knowledgeable about HIV and AIDS. We need to make the Africans that aren’t that educated know about the possible deaths and diseases that AIDS causes. To do this, this plan is the most efficient way to potentially cure AIDS and decrease the cases of AIDS in Africa.

Thank you for your approval.

Sincerely UN employee, Joel Tamura

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