I. Activities Education/Training/Research

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UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme

Progress report

Period of activity: September 1999

UNESCO Chair in Study of World Culture and religion

Report established by: A. Alyanchikov, Head of the UNESCO Chair

I. Activities


Training for speciality: "Religion Studies"

Duration: 5 years

Target groups: 1 group


At this time the members of stuff have implemented the following volume of the work:

From September, 1 the Chair began the training of specialists for the studying Religion; elaborated the curriculum for the whole 5 year's period of studying; developed the letter of working programs for all speciality's disciplines.

In a whole have decided a question about stuff's providing for teaching. All teachers who will work at the Chair should have a degree, a title and a certain teaching experience in this field.

We plan out a large work on technical and scientific supporting for training process.

For significant addition of educational and scientific literature the considerable contribution is required.

At present at the first course on the "Religion" speciality there are 7 students which show successes in theirs studying.


All members of the Chair take an active part in the research work.

During the work were hold 2 Round Table on theme "The Place of AI-Moturidi' s Creation in the cultural legacy of the Central Asia".

The First Round table was hold within the framework of the development conception of intercultural and inter-religious dialogue joint with F. Ebert Fund (Germany) and had been dedicated to the acquaintance with Ulrikh Rudolf's Monograph "Al-Moturidi and Sunnit Theology"in Samarkand.

In present-day culture the doctrine of this medieval philosopher is acquired a great Importance, the more so, if it's taking up on the East and the West cultural traditions crossing.

2. Conferences/Congresses/Meetings


"The Place and the Role of AI-Maturidi' s doctrine in the Central Asia cultural wealth" - the International scientific conference, November 1999 in Tashkent On the conference were invited the chief specialists from all over the Central Asian regions. The Chair represented Kyrgyzstan also took an active part.

Partnership: International Committee for Propaganda of epic "Manas".

Outputs: The Edition of leaflet "The road of Faith", publication of the results of the conferences.

Participation in conference: "Kyrgyzstan on anew model way of social development in the XXI century.

The International scientific-theoretical conference: "Ethic legacy as a factor of the forming the mentality of separate regions of Eurasia", February 2000.

At conferences have made a conclusion that by intensive mutual enrichment the outstanding epic and legendary works become a property not only for separate nations but also for whole humanity.

In a new millennium epics values and precepts as usual are radiating positive impulses of the creation, peace, progress and prosperity.

Participants: representatives of India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, famous scientists, historians, philologists, jurists have taken part.

In April 2000 will held the Round table on theme "Islam and Human Rights".

For discussion the questions of the Second Round Table representing actuality for whole Central Asian region were invited governmental organisations, prominent scientists, deputies of the Legislative branch of the Supreme Council, the representatives of the Muftiyat, teachers, journalists, and students.

In the course of discussion were listened different opinions and positions of Round Tables' participants. Especial activity presented the discussion of this .problem concerning military events on the South of Kyrgyzstan. Actuality of the problem provided an active participation of all the students of the International Relations Faculty.

In the course of the Round Table' s work have been definite the Vakhabbizm essence as the religious doctrine, looked the question about its relation with total world policy and with Batken events on the South of the republic.

3. Information and documentation activities.

Collaboration work.

For successful work we consider of no small importance of regulation collaboration with governmental organisations, representatives of various religious confessions, scientific and educational institutions. We have established relations with the Kyrgyz Religion Affairs State Commissions, National Academy of Sciences, National Library etc. Today we have succeeded get mutual understanding with Birmingham Christian-Muslim Center.


During the Chair' s existence we have published the book "The State and the Faith" written by E.O. Karabaev. We prepared for publication the magazine "The Faith ways" using conference materials about ethic legacy.

4. Other.

The whole of Chair activity: educational, researching work on the collaboration, publishing are devoting to the training of young people in a peace and tolerant spirit, solidarity, intercultural and inter- religious dialogue.

II. Impact

Our chair was opened only 7 mounts ego. At this point it seems too early to evaluate the impact of our activity or to make any conclusions. But we should note that the training of the experts in theology, which our chair began recently, is of great importance for our country. Kyrgyzstan is a country where many religions coexist and it really needs such specialists.

For the short time our existence we managed to hold two round tables and a scientific conference on cross- cultural and cross religious co-operation with participation of Central Asian countries. We have also gained some valuable partners. Our staff is eager to co-operate with scientific and educational organisations from all over the world, especially with those researching interactions between different cultures and religions in order to find better form of dialogue.

III. Forthcoming activities.

UNESCO Chair Work Plan (Before July 2000).

Holding and participation:

-scientific conferences, training programmes, seminars and round tables on the problems culture and religions dialogues;

-round table on the theme: "Islam and human Rights";

-preparation of articles and speeches for an information leaflet "The Roads of Faith" and it's edition;

-arrangement for the seminars, concerning the celebration of "2000 of Christianity".

Target groups

Graduate students - 7

Public administrators -2

Geographical coverage

National : Kyrgyz Republic

Regional : Central Asia , Asia/ Pacific

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