Hush Hush Hush

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Yada Van der Hoek (b. 1977) graduated in Expressionist Dance Theatre at the Dance Academy in Tilburg last year. Having participated in a number of student productions as well as K’Dar, 2Pack is her second real professional dance experience.
Khalid Benaouisse was born in Rabat (Morocco) in 1975, and is doing a secondary secretarial course. In his free time he is involved with an amateur company in Liège, with music, and giving introductory dance sessions. He participated in Victoria’s 1995 ‘Best Belgian Solo Dance’ competition, danced in the production Carte Blanche as well as in Abdelaziz Sarrokh’s second production, Via. The experience of working with Sarrokh has had a maturing effect on him, which subsequently led to him being offered the job of assistant director for the third production, K’Dar. Moreover, he was also the 7th dancer in K’Dar. With the production of 2Pack he will be continuing his career in Hush Hush Hush.
Abdelaziz Sarrokh is more than just the choreographer of 2Pack. He also gives a striking dance performance in the last scene.
Occasional dancers

Mohamed Chairi (Mambo - b.1975) has previously danced with Hush Hush Hush, both as a stand-in for all manner of performances and as a dancer in the productions Via and K’Dar. Bud Blumenthal also picked him out as a breakdancer.

Mambo has always had to put his dance career in second place; in his immediate environment dance, and certainly breakdance, is not fully acknowledged. Since the start of this season (2001-2002) he has given up his full-time job as a storekeeper in order to concentrate fully on breakdance. This brings him a step closer to his dream of dancing in France, where breakdance is more fully recognised as an art form.

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