Hush Hush Hush

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Boiana Anguelova (b. 1970) originates from Bulgaria. She has since childhood dreamed of fame as a ballerina. Her parents were not able to pay for the necessary training, but enrolled her for Acro-Gym. In her struggle for glory she trained more than any other student, which enabled her to become the world Acro-Gym champion five times.

She arrived in Belgium seven years ago. She was invited by the Higher Institute for Dance in Lier to teach the students acrobatics. From the moment she opened the door of the college, her first and only dream, of dancing, was reawakened within her. She decided to take a course in dance herself, in between teaching. She graduated two years ago and since then has danced in several musical and dance projects. Her part in 2Pack is her first experience in a professional dance company. So she has finally realised her dream.

Lima Lalitha (b. 1970, Bombay), performed in Dirk Tanghe’s Jungle Book for NTG and later on in KVS’s Lulu, and Blauw Vier’s Libernade. At the same time she also studied Expressionist Dance Theatre at the Dance Academy in Tilburg, in addition to courses in African dance and lessons at the Compagnie Michèle Anne De Mey. Lima was regieassistente bij de productie Skaters van HETPALEIS. Ook zij was al bij Hush Hush Hush te zien in K’Dar.

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