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Hush Hush Hush


The Dancers

The dancers in 2Pack reflect the diversity with which Sarrokh has worked so far: dancers who have studied both classical and contemporary dance as well as autodidacts and street dancers.
Mohamed Benaji (Ben - b. 1976) is Moroccan but has lived in Belgium for many years. He has previously appeared in K’Dar, another Hush Hush Hush production. Having gone straight from the street into dance theatre, he is now much in demand as a breakdancer, specialising in contorted break manoeuvres and fast and dazzling acrobatic stunts and has an active interest in all derivatives of dance. As a result of his astonishing abilities he has been engaged not only by Hush Hush Hush, but also by Bud Blumenthal, Fatou and others.
Alain Vyent (b. 1981) appears regularly with ‘010Bboyz’. He is the youngest member of the group, and attracts attention in his breaks and breakdancing. 2Pack is his first dance experience at professional level and in the field of contemporary dance. Success beckons, but will have to wait until he has completed his degree in IT.

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