Hush Hush Hush

Hush Hush Hush 2Pack Opening

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Hush Hush Hush



18 – 19 October 2000 Rotterdam


Abdelaziz Sarrokh
Assistant to the director

Katie Verstockt

Danced and created by

Lima Lalitha

Khalid Benaouisse

Boiana Anguelova

Yada Van der Hoek

Alain Vyent

Mohamed Benaji

Abdelaziz Sarrokh
Occasional dancers

Mohamed Chairi

Christophe Van Molle

Costume and set designer / Poster

Karen Dobbeleir

Lighting design

Kees Van De Lagemaat


Peter Lesage

Marc Lacroix


Rudy Cleemput

Dirk Geens


Veerle Van Schoelant

Financial Director

Rebecca De Backer


Wim Van Capellen


Theater Zuidplein/ Rotterdams Schouwburg, Rotterdam

Vooruit Arts Centre, Ghent

Berchem Cultural Centre, Antwerp

With thanks to

Theater Tinnenpot, Ghent

Scaffyco nv

With the support of

The Flemish Community


Frans Brood Productions

Muinklaan 10, B 9000 Ghent

Tel +32 9 234.12.12

Fax +32 9 265.96.50

Hush Hush Hush


Music list 2Pack

  • Henry Purcell

Let me free 5’37’’

  • Skunk Anansie

On my hotel tv 2’48’’

  • Maria Callas

La Casta Diva 5’38’’

  • Ice T

You shoulda killed me last year 1’41’’

  • Peter Lesage

No worries 5’09’’

  • Dr. Dré

Next episode 2’36’’

  • Afrika Bambaata

Planet rock 8’16’’

  • 2Pac

California 0’51’’

  • James Brown

Get up remix 4’25’’

  • Peter Lesage

Finale 8’40’’

  • Lewis Taylor

Spirit 3’

Hush Hush Hush


Artistic director: Abdelaziz Sarrokh

Abdelaziz SARROKH was born in Tangier (Morocco) on 21st January 1972.

After qualifying as an electrician, he was employed as a street worker by the City of Ghent’s City-Coaching group. He was also occupied with his own dance group, Al Fath. Amongst other things, he was given a walk-on part in Jungle Book at the NTG, and has given several dance performances together with Raymond Van Het Groenewoud. In addition to holding introductory dance sessions, he also participated in Victoria’s Best Belgian Solo Dance competition. He danced for Les Ballets C. de la B. in Bonjour Madame and La Tristeza Complice.

Carte Blanche was his first experiment in choreography. This debut was received with a great deal of interest both in Belgium and abroad. His originality and developing skill as a choreographer was evident in Via, his second production, and K’Dar, his third. In the spring of 1999 Abdelaziz staged the dance production Skaters for HetPaleis in Antwerp.
In 2Pack Abdelaziz focuses on the international dance scene, and uses the popular mix of street dance, hip-hop, breakdance and flamenco, as well as contemporary dance.

Download 83 Kb.

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