Hush Hush Hush

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Hush Hush Hush


Hush Hush Hush makes huge dance-collision hits. It is the only Flemish company of its kind and is part of a European scene that goes to great lengths in its attempts to make the performing arts appeal to young people. After the international success of Carte Blanche (1997), Via (1998) and last year K’Dar (1999), the theatres will now undoubtedly fill up for 2Pack.

2Pack shows seven dancers on stage: classically trained, self-taught and street dancers. Each with their own particular style. Each with their own memories, their own struggle for life. The set consists of a youth clubhouse in an ordinary street where there is a great deal of boredom and loneliness, enlivened by friendship and eroticism.

Abdelaziz Sarrokh and Tupac Amaru Shakur, the controversial but successful rapper who was shot dead not so long ago, would have been about the same age now. Shakur’s death had everything to do with his short life and he was a victim of hallucinations. Abdel and Tupac both grew up as immigrants in a Western social system that was not easily accessible. And they are both highly talented. 2Pack is not a production about Shakur, but about the effect of social phenomena on the individual. What interests Abdelaziz Sarrokh is the body as an expression of emotion. Not the masterful tour de force or the fine poses the body can achieve, not artificial energies and images, but those energies and images that are a reflection of the soul. The way in which this is realised is on the one hand as rigorous as an MTV videoclip, and on the other is a bouncing improvisational mixture of flamenco, contemporary dance, breakdance and B-boy. A dance Tower of Babel or simply an ordinary street in an ordinary city.

Press cuttings:

It was a cause for celebration for the youngsters. Spontaneous outbursts of dancing here and there in the theatre.”(Rotterdams Dagblad)

Enormous energy in high-speed dancing.” (Spits)

Dazzling performance in which hiphop and contemporary dance are nicely interwoven. Clever arrangement of the stage, beautiful solo performances.” (De Nieuwe Gazet)

Co-production: Theater Zuidplein / Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, Vooruit Arts Centre, Ghent, Berchem Cultural Centre, Antwerp

Download 83 Kb.

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