Human Rights equality for Lesbians and Gays equal opportunity

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Human Rights - equality for Lesbians and Gays - equal opportunity
Hello, my name is Grainne Ridd and I am the mother of a beautiful young woman who also happens to be a Lesbian.

My daughter has been living in London for the past eight years with her partner, and they are now able, at long last, to marry in the U.K. They are talking of having a child. They can live their lives happy in the knowledge that they are recognised as human beings with the same rights, needs and desires of any heterosexual couple.

So, say they do these things, and then decide to come here to live.

Their rights as equal human beings would not be recognised. Their marriage would not exist. Their child would be the child of the biological parent only. And 1, if I am the non-biological grandmother, would also have no rights.

On the 14th January, 2006, the Australian Federal Government, in it's infinite wisdom, moved to obstruct gay couples wanting to get married in countries that recognised same-sex nuptials.

Last year the Attorney General's Department even went as far as to tell at least two Australian Embassies in Europe, to refuse help to citizens requiring proof of their single status for a same-sex marriage.

My mind boggles at the arrogance and the audacity of the people who head the Australian Government. They inflict their personal, narrow views on us, giving no thought to the fact that their judgements are totally against basic human rights.

To quote Mr. John von Doussa, President of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, "The right to non-discrimination is one of the most fundamental human rights in international 1-aw." Unquote. According to present Australian laws, my daughter and her partner would be excluded from work-related entitlements and benefits. Quote, "In 2006, this is simply not acceptable."


Nor will they qualify for bereavement leave, carers leave, compassionate leave, or for travel or transfer benefits.

They can be refused hospital visitation rights.

As my daughter's partner is from Northern Ireland, it is quite probable that upon her entry into this country, their relationship will not be recognised.

They will be discriminated against in the areas of taxation, social security, insurance, in family law and where their individual wills are concerned.

There is insufficient protection against discrimination in the workplace. They will be subject to unfair dismissal, harassment, and denial of promotional opportunities.

If they have a child each, those children won't be recognised as siblings. Donor insemination won't be made available to them.

The non-biological parent can't adopt her partner's child, unless the birth parent gives up all parental rights.

If the biological parent dies without a valid will, their child doesn't inherit and the child's future is placed in jeopardy.

They can be victimised and vilified.

Of course, much of this can happen even when they do have equal rights, but at least the law will be on their side.

John Howard has said that "same-sex marriage will endanger traditional marriage" and that "it is a matter of survival of the species". What utter twaddle. As my open and clear minded 88 year old mother says, "What is the man afraid of? Does he and those others think that Lesbians and Homosexuals are going to contaminate the rest of us?"


When my mother asked her beloved granddaughter if she and her partner would be returning to live here, my daughter replied "No. We wouldn't be accepted here." And this is the country of her birth.

1 find it very frustrating and very painful that my intelligent, caring homosexual child does not have the same rights that her heterosexual brother enjoys and takes for granted.


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