Human rights – what do I need to know?

Who can I complain to if I think my human rights have been breached?

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Who can I complain to if I think my human rights have been breached?

There are a range of places that you can go if you think that your human rights have been breached.
      1. The Australian Human Rights Commission

The Commission can investigate complaints of discrimination, harassment and bullying based on a person’s:

  • sex, including pregnancy, marital status, family responsibilities and sexual harassment

  • disability, including temporary and permanent disabilities; physical, intellectual, sensory, psychiatric disabilities, diseases or illnesses; medical conditions; work related injuries; past, present and future disabilities; and association with a person with a disability

  • race, including colour, descent, national or ethnic origin, immigrant status and racial hatred

  • age, including young people and older people

  • (in employment only) sexual preference, criminal record, trade union activity, political opinion, religion or social origin

The Commission can also investigate complaints about alleged breaches of human rights (including the rights protected in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child) against the Commonwealth and its agencies.

For more information about the Commission’s complaint handling powers, click here.

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