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Defective and Worn-out Tools

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14.03 Defective and Worn-out Tools
If a tool, machine or piece of equipment is found to be defective, worn-out or dangerous to operate because of its condition, the immediate supervisor shall be instructed not to permit its use until it is authorized by the Appointing Authority.
14.04 Use of Tools
Appointing Authorities shall at all times be concerned with the safety and health of all persons under their jurisdiction. They must not permit any person who is not adequately experienced or familiar with the use of tools, machinery or equipment to use such material until adequate experience or familiarity with such material is possessed by said person.
14.05 Issuance of Instructions
Appointing Authorities shall issue instructions to supervisors to carry out the provisions of these rules to the end that accidents and industrial or occupational diseases are kept at a minimum.
14.06 Reports of Accidents and Diseases to the Human Resources Division
Whenever an accident or industrial or occupational disease claim is filed with the Division of Industrial Accidents by an employee, a copy of the report form and claim shall be sent to the Human Resources Division by the Appointing Authority.
14.07 Division of Industrial Accidents- Hearings
The Division of Industrial Accidents, within 21 calendar days of receipt of such claim, shall notify the Human Resources Division whether or not it is taking jurisdiction of the claim and, if necessary, when hearing will be given to claimant.
14.08 Decisions of Division of Industrial Accidents - Forwarding
The Division of Industrial Accidents shall forward to the Human Resources Division a copy of its decision in all claims filed with it by employees and referred to in Rule 14.06. Such decision shall state the approximate duration of such award, if any. If such decision is modified, amended or repealed, the Division of Industrial Accidents shall notify the Human Resources Division of such change.

14.09 Reporting of Unsafe Conditions

Employees shall report to their immediate supervisors any condition which they believe endangers their health or creates hazard in their employment. Such immediate supervisors shall correct the conditions complained of, if within their authority to do so, or shall report such complaints to their supervisors in report referred to in Rule 14.01, above.
14.10 Posting of Rules
All Appointing Authorities shall cause to be posted in a conspicuous place in every place of employment under their jurisdiction a copy of all these rules pertaining to prevention of accidents and industrial or occupational diseases.
14.11 Complaints - Forwarding to Head of Department

  1. Whenever a written complaint is filed by an employee with the Personnel Administrator describing in detail and accompanied by supporting evidence of any allegedly unsafe or unsanitary condition relating to the work of such employee, the Personnel Administrator shall cause a copy of such complaint to be sent to the Appointing Authority for his/her immediate comments.

  1. The Personnel Administrator shall investigate such complaint and shall report thereon with his/her recommendations to the Secretary of Administration and Finance with a copy thereof to the employee filing the complaint and to the Appointing Authority involved.

14.12 Rules to be Supplemental
All the above rules do not change or alter any rules previously issued on the subject matter of reporting accidents or industrial or occupational diseases issued by any department prior to the effective date of these rules, but are in addition thereto.
14.13 Incorporation by Reference - Enforcement
Rules and regulations issued by the Division of Industrial Accidents and any other rule or regulation adopted by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development governing the prevention of accidents or industrial diseases, are all hereby incorporated into these rules and regulations and shall be in full force in all departments. Appointing Authorities are hereby charged with the responsibility to enforce these rules and regulations and shall see that the rules are adhered to in all places of employment coming under their jurisdiction.


15.01 Eligibility
Employees shall be eligible for the Adoption Assistance Program based upon guidelines issued by the Human Resources Division in cooperation with the Department of Social Services and the Board of Higher Education.
The program will provide certain benefits to employees who adopt a child from the Department of Social Services.
15.02 Leave Benefits
Such employees will be eligible for the following leaves in connection with such adoption:

  • Up to 26 weeks of FMLA unpaid leave of which:

  • Up to 2 weeks (10 days) of Adoptive Assistance Leave (paid leave) per adopted child may be taken (see also Rule 5.02) (under FMLA rules), and;

  • Up to 30 days of accrued paid sick leave may be taken for the purpose of parental leave due to adoption under FMLA rules, to be concluded within 12 months of the adoption (see also Rule 4.07).

  • The total of the above types of paid leave shall not exceed 8 weeks in one calendar year.

  1. Up to 2 weeks (10 days) of accrued paid sick leave per calendar year may be taken for the purpose of attending to necessary preparations and legal requirements related to the adoption (see Rule 4.07).

15.03 Educational and Other Benefits
Other benefits include:

  1. For the employee: Adoption Support Services as provided by the Department of Social Services

  1. For the adopted child: College/university tuition remission at a Massachusetts State College/University or Community College (see Tuition Remission rules in section 13.00), and corporate sponsorship arranged by the Department of Social Services.

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