Hum 120 Lecture Response Late Rome

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Lecture Response Late Rome

HUM 120 Lecture Response Late Rome

  1. Identify three ways that Constantine moved the Roman empire towards Christianity. He made christianity legal meaning you wont die if you practiced it anymore. He created the first christinaity city and named it after himself. Another help christiniaty was that constantin created what was considered the council of nicea.

  2. What was the significance of the Council of Nicaea? since christinaity was consider a cult at the time and if you were found practicing this religion you would be killed, well since christinaity is now legal and people have all sorts of belifes in what they believe in, now constatine essential codifies and organizes what is christianity with the help of worldwide leaders of christiantiy.

  3. Discuss one way in which art or architecture of Late Rome represents a transition from Classical Roman to Christian inspired style? this trinity coming from the holy trinity is seen all over art and architecture. The arch of constantine represents the support for constantine and it was one monuemt built that showed in detail the story. this monument had 3 arch ways to represent the holy trinity. this showed how christnity and the romans were degsinging there architecture.

  4. Why was the basilica selected as the design for the earliest Christian houses of worship? they wanted to create a comfortable place for people to worship. it gave some roman vibes in order to make it easier on people to convert to christinaitty. Now they were able to practice out in public when before they would have to hide because if they were caught they would die.

  5. In what way is Augustine’s “Confessions” meant to help Romans in their Christian conversion process? it was difficult for augustine to convert he struggled and have a pretty difficult time but with his confession its help a lot of people becasue they also might feel like that and its okay that its normal with the help of augustine. people would think if he could do it, i could too.

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