HT604 Reading Augustine’s Confessions Dr. Ann T. Orlando

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HT604 Reading Augustine’s Confessions

Dr. Ann T. Orlando,, 617-225-9195

Summer 2010
Objective: To carefully read Augustine’s Confessions, paying special attention to his study some of the trajectories of Augustinian thought in the development of Western theology and philosophy. This is a two credit course.


A ten week course offering the student an opportunity to carefully read Augustine's Confessions. Lectures will focus on the historical and philosophical background to each Book of the Confessions and also give students a sense of later theological and philosophical importance of particular aspects of the Confessions. The personal spiritual struggles of Augustine will be emphasized, especially as they may relate to the spiritual longing of all believers.

Class Structure: This is a distance learning course. Students are required to use two sets of software for this class:

1. Lectures are taped and available over the web from For best performance, students should have access to a high-speed internet connection. System requirements and a performance test can be found at

2. Discussion software is available from Boston College through their Blackboard system. Students are encouraged to log onto the HT604 Blackboard and begin to use it immediately.
Weekly Course Structure

Video lectures will be made available on Monday morning for the week’s class. By Friday evening, each student should have posted a one paragraph initial discussion thread based on the week’s reading assignment. By Sunday evening, each student should have responded to at least two threads.

Course Requirements: Students are expected to watch each lecture weekly and then participate in detailed online discussions using Blackboard. Students will be evaluated based on their participation in the weekly online discussions.

Augustine, Confessions, trans. Henry Chadwick (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1991) OR trans. Mary Boulding (New York: New City, 2001).

______, On Christian Teaching, trans. R. P. H. Green (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997).
Peter Brown, Augustine of Hippo, A Biography New Edition with Epilogue (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2000).

Detailed Syllabus
Lecture 0, Tuesday May 25

In-class at MAM tutorial on using software

Lecture 1: Week of May 24

Introduction; background on Augustine and the Confessions

Assignment: Augustine, On Christian Teaching, Prolog and Book I
Lecture 2: Week of May 31

Lecture 3: Week of June 7

Lecture 4: Week of June 17
Lecture 5: Week of June 21
Lecture 6: Week of June 28
Lecture 7: Week of July 5
Lecture 8: Week of July 12
Lecture 9: Week of July 19
Lecture 10: Week of July 26
Class ends August 1.

Download 7.51 Kb.

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