Howto do umrah UmraTo simply circuit the Ka’ba and perform the seven circuits between Safa and Marwah is called Umra. There is no fixed time for Umra and it can be performed at any time during the year except between the 9th and the 13th of Dul-Hajj

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Shaving or clipping of hair.

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After Sa’ey, men should get their heads completely shaved or get their hair clipped to the length of the upper third of their finger or a little more. Both shaving and clipping are permissible for men, though shaving is preferable. Women are, however, allowed to have a lock of their hair clipped. They are forbidden to shave their heads.

Umrah is complete. After cutting the hair, umrah is complete. The restrictions of Ihram are finished. Now wear your everyday clothes and lead a normal life. Be thankful to Allah that He provided the opportunity for performing Umrah and lead rest of your life according to the commands of your Creator.After performing the circuits between Safa’ and Marwah, one is free to move about and go to a resting place.

You can do Umrah as much as you want when you stay in Makkah.

To do umrah again please go to Masjid Aishah (Masjid Umrah) and have aIhraam.

Pray twoRakatNaflMasajid when you are in (Masjid Aishah ,Masjid Umrah).

Please pray twoRakatNafl (supererogatory) prayers for Umrah.( if you Already in IHRAM).

Now you go back to Masjid-el-Haram and start umrah

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