How well do you handle change? How well do you do change? Change illustration: write the word attitude Now write the word attitude with the hand that you do not write with

Change brings about the fear of Failure

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5. Change brings about the fear of Failure
FAILURE: It is tragic when success goes to a person’s head, but it is more tragic when failure goes to a person’s heart.
6. The rewards for change don’t match the effort change requires.

People will not change until they perceive that the advantages of changing outweigh the disadvantages of continuing with the way things are.
NOTE: You have to give them a picture of what the new building looks like before you tell them you are tearing down the old one.
7. People are too satisfied with the way things are
8. Change won’t happen when people engage in negative thinking

The epitaph on a negative person’s headstone should read, “I expected this.”

Don’t look -you might see

Don’t listen -you might hear

Don’t think -you might learn

Don’t make a decision – you might be wrong

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