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Key words

The suite of learning materials contains a glossary of key words used in the statutory guidance. The following key words are relevant to this topic area: appropriate individual, assessment, care and support plan, eligible needs, independent advocate, lack of capacity, outcomes, safeguarding, substantial difficulty, supported decision making, support plan, transition, wellbeing.

  1. Introduction

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  1. This presentation forms part of the suite of learning materials that have been developed to support the implementation of part one of the Care Act 2014. These materials summarise and explain the ‘Care and Support Statutory Guidance’ (October 2014) and are designed to help those involved in care and support services to understand and implement the Act.

  1. This presentation is about independent advocacy. It is intended for:

  • people employed by local authorities who have a responsibility for identifying the need for, and arranging for, an advocate to facilitate the involvement of a person as specified in the Act

  • staff employed as Independent Advocates (including Independent Mental Capacity Advocates)

  • managers of all of the above types of roles.

  1. The aim of the presentation is to help you reflect on the implications of the Act for your role, so that you will know what you must do differently and what you may need to do differently.

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