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Based on the information they have received from the information and advice worker and Mishal herself, they have evidence that Mishal will need support to understand the information they send out prior to the assessment to help her understand the process, prepare for the assessment and be able to be actively involved. They establish from Mishal that she does not have any one appropriate to support her. The assessment service decides that they will offer Mishal an assessment with the support of an independent advocate and explains to her how an advocate can help.

The role of the independent advocate will be to support Mishal in understanding the pre-assessment information and preparing for the assessment (for example by making sure that she is able to identify what she wants to communicate), supporting her involvement during the needs assessment & financial assessment (for example by ensuring that she is able to say what she wants and that people are taking notice of this), and in understanding the outcome of the assessments. The independent advocate will also support her during the care and support planning process, and also in accessing universal information and advice as this latter objective was not achieved at the point of first contact. It is anticipated that Mishal’s difficulties in retaining information may well be overcome once care and support is provided.

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