How to Make the Ancient China Flipbook

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How to Make the Ancient China Flipbook

Construct Flipbook using 5 sheets of plain white paper. You will layer each page. Label each page on the ‘flap’ on the bottom of each page. Use your Social Studies book to get most of your information. This is an information Flipbook, similar to our Ancient India Wheel and/or Ancient Egyptian Mummy Flipbook. You may write in notes and/or paragraph formation.

(1.) Table of Contents: 8 headings below

List the pages from below into your Table of Contents

1. Geography and Early Civilization China

Lesson 1

2. Xia Dynasty and Shang Dynasty

Lesson 1

3. The Zhou Dynasty and New Ideas

Lesson 2

4. The Qin Dynasty

Lesson 3

5. The Han Dynasty

Lesson 4

6. Confucius, Daoism, and Legalism

Confucius = p 191, Daosim = p 192, Legalism = p 192-193

7. Ancient Achievements

Lesson 5

8. 10 Amazing Facts of Ancient China

10 Amazing Facts: you may search Internet and/or Encyclopedia and/or Books

Information and Illustrations

Use your Social Studies Book to get the information needed to fill in your Flipbook. Each page should have about ¾ of information and the rest will be pictures and/or illustrations. This means that if you have your Flipbook page opened all the way, what you see as that particular page and will have information fill on both pages.

You may type your information. Font size must be 10-12. The type of font must be appropriate: New Times Roman, Times, Calibri, Arial, Book Antiqua, Comic Sans (is ok), Century, Courier, Garamond, Palatino. If you have other fonts, please check with me to be sure that that font is appropriate BEFORE you add into your Flipbook.

On the backside of your Flipbook, should be a record and/or bibliography stating your resources.

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