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Ancient Civilization Project

lue lion

Leo needs your help!!! Leo is traveling around to the different ancient civilizations and needs your help sharing the important information he found on his travels.

How to help:

  1. Choose ONE ancient civilization (Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, or Ancient Mali)

  2. Pick ONE of the project choices

Make sure you:


You will be presenting your project the day it’s due! Remember to practice, practice, practice!
Project is due: Monday, November 25, 2013

Project Choices

Choice #1

Choice #2

Draw or create a model of the physical characteristics of the ancient civilization. Write a paragraph describing how the people of that civilization had to adapt to the physical characteristics.

Pick one of the human characteristics for that civilization and write a journal entry as if you were that person back during that time period.

Choice #3 (Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece)

Choice #4

Draw or create a model of a building using the architecture that ancient civilization is known for. Write a paragraph describing how they used them, and what buildings today use that form of architecture.

Tell the story of the civilization using one form of their arts (poem, mosaics, paintings, pottery, or sculpture). Write a short description telling the story.

Choice #5 (Ancient Mali only)

Choice #6

Write a story about being a trader in Mali. Create a map of your trade route. In your story write about whom you traded with and what you traded.

Make a travel brochure for one of the civilizations including why that civilization is so special and why someone should travel there.

Rubric (How you’ll be graded)


Possible Points

Points Earned

Is the information correct for the ancient civilization chosen (Greece, Rome, or Mali)?

10 points

Did you check it for COPS (capitalization, organization, punctuation, and spelling) before handing it in to be graded? (1 point lost for each mistake)

10 points

Is your project visually creative? (cover page for story, colorful, pictures, etc.)

10 points

Is your project NEAT?

10 points

Were you ready for your oral presentation?

5 points

Was it turned it on time? (1 point lost each day it’s late)

5 points

Total Points earned: _____________/50 points

Grade: ________________

Ancient Rome Study Guide

  1. Ancient Rome was built on many hills (or contients) and surrounded the Medeterean Sea.

  2. The word characteristic means different traits or qualities.

  3. Mountains, hills, and limited rich soil are physical characteristics of ancient Rome.

  4. The occupations of farmings, road builders, and traders are human characteristics of ancient Rome.

  5. People adapt to their environment in different ways. The people of ancient Rome adapted to their environment by farming on hillsides and trading on the Medeterrean Sea.

  6. The ancient Romans influenced the lives of people today by making significant contributions to society in terms of architecture, government, and sports. A contribution is the act of giving or doing something for others.

  7. The architects of ancient Rome used arches in the construction of their buildings. Examples of the arches are found in the Colessium (or aqueducts)

  8. The Romans understood the need for drinking water and built aqueducts to carry water from the streams of faraway hills.

  9. The ancient Romans enjoyed the arts. They displayed mosaics (or paintings or sculptures).

  10. Ancient Rome had a representative (or republican) form of government. This is a government in which people voted for (elect) a smaller group of citizens (representatives) to make the rules and laws for everyone. This form of government is also known as a representative democracy. Our United States government is based on the ideas developed in ancient Rome.

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