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How to Find Library Resources – Tech and Society

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I. Consider starting with an Encyclopedia Article or a general work

  • Get an overview of the topic

  • Discover ways to narrow the topic

  • Find possible key words

  • Find other sources of information

Encyclopedias and General Works to consider:

An Encyclopaedia of the History of Technology – (online eBook; Search our catalog by title)

Science and Technology in World History – 509 M121s

A People’s History of Science – 509 C752p

History of Technology – 609 S617h (5 volumes; 1-2 on reserve shelf)

A Social History of American Technology – 303.483 C874s

America as Second Creation: Technology and Narratives of New Beginnings – 978 N994a

A Companion to American Technology – 609.73 P986c

The Cutting Edge: An Encyclopedia of Advanced Technologies – 603 C991

Encyclopedia of 20th-Century Technology – Q 603 E56 (2 volumes)

American Women in Technology: An Encyclopedia – 604.82 Z66a

Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology – R 503 M147-3

The Machine in America: A Social History of Technology – 303.483 P986m
Access Science


  • Can be used to find general information and additional resources for your topic. Scientific and technical information rather than historical or cultural.

Worldbook Advanced


  • Use as a starting point – find general articles, additional readings, etc.

II. Check for Books in your area
Use online catalogs to find books at our library or other libraries around the nation.

You can browse relevant sections of the collection, as well (See the front desk or for a thorough listing of Dewey Decimal listings). Much of what you are looking for will be in the 500s and 600s, but you will find many items spread throughout the collection.

Our catalog can be found by clicking the online card catalog link at:

Enter your search terms to find out what we have IN OUR LIBRARY

If we do not have what you are looking for, we can find something at another library.

Then click on the link for Kansas Library Catalog and search for your topic.

  • To search for items outside of Kansas, go to the Online Resources page, click on the WorldCat link and search

    • Once you have found a book that interests you, we can request it through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). There are a few ways to do this:

    • You can find a link that says “request this item” or “ILL”. If you click that link, you will have to fill out a form with your contact information and then SUBMIT the form.

  • Another way to request an item is to click the link for “Interlibrary Loan Request” on the library homepage:

    • You will have to fill out and submit another form. Be sure to include the title, author, and any other information that can help me find the book.

  • Check the Society for the History of Technology’s basic bibliography:

  • Search Google Scholar for your topic:

III. Narrowing your research with magazine and journal articles.
Miller Library has some print journals and many online resources that may be of use to you:
-Technology & Culture – (access in library; indexed in EBSCO’s Academic Search Premier database)

-ISIS – (access in library; indexed in EBSCO’s Academic Search Premier database)

-OSIRIS – (access in library; indexed in EBSCO’s Academic Search Premier database)

-American Heritage’s Invention & Technology – (access in library and online; indexed at:

-Journal of American History – (access in library and in EBSCO’s World History Collection; indexed in EBSCO’s World History Collection)

-History & Technology – (access online and indexed in EBSCO’s Academic Search Premier)
The most recent issues of these items can be found on the magazine racks on the main level. You can find older issues of many of the journals downstairs in our Bound Periodicals section. They are organized alphabetically by title.
Browsing through journals can be time consuming, but rewarding. If you don’t have the time to browse, try to use an INDEX. An index can help you find articles on a certain topic within a specific journal/magazine. An easy way to find if a specific journal is indexed is to find it on one of our databases, as listed above. You can then search for a topic within a specific journal.

Many more journals can be found through our databases:

  • EbscoHost

    • Academic Search Premier

    • World History Collection

    • America: History and Life

      • Search by publication, subject, or your own search term

      • Always remember to check the “peer reviewed” box if you want scholarly articles.

      • Even if you cannot find a full-text online version of the article, we can borrow it from another library or we might even have it in the library.

      • To find a particular journal or to see if it is indexed, click on the “publications” tab at the top of your search page, select the appropriate database, and then search by title. You can then search through the journal and access full-text articles or read article abstracts.

      • To narrow a search, use links at the top and on the left side of your search page. SUBJECT TERMS are especially useful.

If you cannot find what you need in these databases, please check with the librarian.

Contact Matt Upson for assistance: email-

phone ext. 2487 (620-242-0487 from off-campus)

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