How same-sex marriage will affect the nation, christians, christian businesses and the church

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Same-sex marriage is a threat to religious freedoms in America. The goal of same-sex marriage is not marriage, but silencing all who dissent or oppose. The passage of a same-sex law in America will punish free speech and our beliefs.
Loss of Tax-Exempt Status

  • Religious institutions could lose tax-exempt status over the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling. In the 1983 Bob Jones University case, the Supreme Court ruled that the school was not entitled to a tax-exempt status if it barred interracial marriage. The same could apply if a university or college opposes same-sex marriage.

Government Will Force Surrender of Beliefs

  • If churches, religious groups, schools or nonprofits will not surrender their beliefs on marriage, then the government will make them suffer tough consequences. A Christian couple who owned a bakery faced a $135,000 fine for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex couple who wanted to get married.

Tax Exemptions Hijacked

  • The government will be able to hijack tax exemptions, Pell grants, loans, and government contracts to force compliance. Any nonprofit that adheres to a natural definition of marriage could lose its government support.

IRS Harassment and Discrimination

  • The IRS has a history of harassing and discriminating against conservatives and Christian nonprofits. The Supreme Court’s approval could give the government, the most powerful agency, more ammunition to punish opposition. No resistance would be tolerated. They will stop at nothing to force acceptance.

  • Once it is constitutional law, then the government will be in a position to punish any opposing views.

Pastors Forced to Marry Gay Couples

  • If the Supreme Court votes to approve same-sex marriage, it could mean that pastors will be forced to marry gays because it is federal law. If it becomes part of constitutional law, then how can we allow exemptions? It will have a profoundly negative impact on religious liberty.

All Forms of Immorality

  • The door is now open for all forms of marital combinations and immorality. Once we destroy the standard (one man, one woman in marriage), how can we stop a man who wants to marry his stepdaughter or daughter? What if a woman wants to marry her daughter or son? What about four people in a marriage, such as one woman and three men? This opens the door to all forms of sexual immorality.

No Reason to Marry

  • There will be no reason to marry. There will be no sense of sanctity, commitment, and conviction to sanctify one’s sex life before God in marriage. The foundation will be destroyed.

Educational Curriculums

  • Same-sex marriage will have a great impact on education. Curriculums will have to expose all forms of family lifestyles to children. There will be federal encouragement and support for sex education courses that will be prepared and taught by more gay women and men, presenting homosexuality as a valid, healthy preference and lifestyle and a viable alternative to heterosexuality. This will indoctrinate and sexually confuse many young people.

Prostitution and All Sexual Unions Legalized

  • The gay agenda demands repeal of all state laws prohibiting solicitation for private, voluntary sexual liaisons along with laws prohibiting male and female prostitution. When same-sex marriage receives full validation by the courts, all demands are potentially possible.

  • More gay demands will be sanctioned, such as all laws prohibiting transvestites, transsexuals, and cross dressing. Laws governing the age of sexual consent will have to be changed. They will have to repeal all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit and extend legal benefits to all persons who cohabit, regardless of sex or numbers.

Confused Children

  • Children will not have the opportunity to receive from the innate nature of both sexes. There are some things only a woman can give a child that a man cannot give, and vice versa. Children are not prepared for the world when they do not see how both sexes function. The world is made up of two sexes.

  • More small children who see open displays of gay sex in the home and learn that gay sex is normal will perpetrate these behaviors on their friends at school. A younger generation becomes confused about their sexual identity. They lose understanding of lifelong commitments, emotional bonding, sexual purity, the role of children in a family, and the sanctity of marriage.

  • Statistics reveal that children reared by a married man and woman experience lower rates of societal problems such as premarital childbearing, illicit drug use, arrest, poverty, health, and/or emotional behavioral problems and school failure or expulsion.

All Forms of Gay Life Will Be Approved

  • All forms of the gay lifestyle will be approved with federal protection. This includes: transgenders (people who appear or attempt to be members of the opposite sex), transsexuals (those who identify with the opposite of their birth gender), cross dressers (people who wear clothing and makeup of the opposite sex), transvestites (those who undergo sexual reassignment surgery), drag queens (those who wear clothing and makeup of the opposite sex for performing, genderqueer (a combination of gender identities and sexual orientations), androgyny (those who are beyond gender, between genders, moving across genders, genderless, or a combination of these), and sadomasochists (those who gain sexual gratification by enduring pain or by causing pain to others through the use of whips and chains). All these confused behaviors will be protected by law.

Cultural Consequences

  • An increased number of people, including children and teens, will have greater exposure to the gay lifestyle and will begin to view and choose homosexuality as a viable alternative to heterosexuality, as many already have. MTV has trained our children in a new reality of gay life.

Educational Consequences

  • Same-sex marriage will then require every public school in the nation to teach that homosexuality is the moral equivalent of traditional marriage. Textbooks will have to depict two fathers and two mothers. Gays will be given equal space along with heterosexuals.

  • More gay administrators and teachers will take over our schools and classrooms. The University of Michigan now offers a course called “How to Be Gay.” New York created the first gay high school for gay, bisexual, and transgender students.

  • Schools will openly and boldly declare Gay Days of Silence and Gender Bender days. Gay social clubs will flourish in schools with the intent of recruiting our youth. This will cause a complete reorientation of our children’s mindsets, which will lead to more children becoming gay.

  • More heterosexual students will be harassed and even molested by gay students.

Legal and Judicial Consequences

  • Same-sex marriage will open the door to all kinds of frivolous lawsuits. With liberal, gay or gay-supporting judges packing the courts now around the nation, many frivolous lawsuits will be won by gays. What if a gay parent says, “I don’t want my child to learn anything about heterosexual marriage and families because it makes my child feel that same-sex relationships are wrong.” Ultimately, there will be no mention of the traditional family at all.

  • Recently in 2008, judges overturned the will of the people that banned same-sex marriage in California. In 2009, Iowa and Vermont voted to support same-sex marriages. Connecticut, Maine, and New Hampshire are now on a growing list of states that support same-sex marriages.

  • First Amendment rights will ultimately be denied and trumped by gays who will claim discrimination. The freedoms of speech and religion are rapidly losing ground in America.

Hate Crimes Law

  • Hate crimes laws could actually put someone in court for what they believe. By merely voicing one’s opinion or fighting for his/her beliefs that homosexuality is wrong, their words can be defined as hate speech. They would be accused of creating a so-called climate of hate in which people could perceive they could be killed. Crimes will no longer be judged solely on behavior.

  • In 2004, 11 Christians were arrested in Philadelphia under Pennsylvania’s Hate Crimes Law for simply sharing Christ and the Word of God with homosexuals at a gay rally. The judge initially sentenced them to 47 years in prison. The prosecutor in this case labeled the Bible as hate speech.

  • Canada has a strict hate crimes law. A Catholic city counselor in Canada was fined $1000 for saying that a gay couple’s lifestyle was not normal.

  • A Pentecostal pastor in Sweden spent a month in prison for a sermon he preached stating that homosexuality was abnormal. Although hate crimes laws will not specifically say that pastors cannot preach against homosexuality, gay activists will use these laws to their advantage to intimidate pastors with lawsuits and fines.

Business and Corporate Consequences

  • Business owners, against their own convictions and principles, would be forced to hire gays. The government will use the force of law to force business owners to hire individuals just because they are homosexuals. This means all forms of gay behavior can come out of the closet.

  • Because of legal employment protections for homosexuals, gays will become bolder and more open with their lifestyles in the workplace. Owners and employers will be afraid to challenge their open displays of lewdness and gay affection.

  • As gays are promoted to management positions, they will begin to hire more of their own.

  • Suppose a gay person comes in seeking employment and says, “I am a homosexual, and I want a job.” If the employer does not hire them (for whatever reason), they run the risk of being sued and put out of business. They will sue and claim discrimination.

  • Anyone who disagrees with or shows any disapproval of gay rights in the workplace will be subjected to diversity training that will be oriented to forcing tolerance of the gay lifestyle. This is happening in many large corporations now.

  • The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), if passed, will use the federal government in forcing employers to accept all forms of homosexual behavior in the workplace as normal. This means employers will be forced to abandon their moral and religious convictions. Imagine going to work every day with cross dressers and transvestites.

Religious, Church, and Charitable Consequences

  • As stated above, the Bible will ultimately be labeled as hate speech. Pastors will be prohibited from preaching certain passages of Scripture; therefore, people will not be able to change without hearing the Word of God.

  • Pastors will be sued if they do not marry same-sex couples. More churches and clergy will be persecuted, as is occurring in California right now.

  • In California, the Mormon church and its clergy are being sued and protested against for their support of Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriages.

  • The Sandia National Laboratories forced Christian workers to remove Bible verses and photos of their traditional families so homosexual employees would not be offended.

  • Once same-sex marriage becomes public policy (or law), churches can possibly lose their tax-exempt status if they do not comply and marry gay couples, regardless of their conscious objections.

  • The Los Angeles City Council voted 11-0 to cut all ties with the Boy Scouts of America, declaring that it will no longer accommodate groups that discriminate against homosexuals and atheists. The scouts will now be charged a fee to use city parks for camping and other activities simply because of their long-standing policy against gay scout masters.

  • The Salvation Army’s annual kettle drive during the Christmas season was boycotted in 2002 because they refused to extend benefits to domestic partners.

  • Christians are facing charges of religious harassment simply for praying for gays in the workplace. In some cases, gay workers purposely asked Christian workers for prayer just to insinuate religious harassment.

Economic Consequences

  • If same-sex marriage is passed, consider the impact on Social Security if there are millions of new dependents who will be entitled to survivor benefits. Billions of dollars will have to be paid to an already overburdened system.

  • State and local municipal governments will be required to raise taxes substantially to provide health insurance and other benefits to millions of new spouses and other dependents. Think about benefits that will ultimately have to be paid if three or four spouses are allowed to marry in the future.

Adoption Consequences

  • Courts will no longer be able to favor one-man, one-woman traditional marriages for adoption. Same-sex couples will receive equal preference in adoption opportunities. This means that more and more children will be exposed to the gay lifestyle.

  • Foster care parents will be required to undergo sensitivity training to rid themselves of bias in favor of traditional marriage and will be forced to affirm homosexuality in children and teens.

Political Consequences

  • Gay organizations are heavily funded. They use these funds to give huge sums of money to the campaigns of political officials. Political officials are now working to push their agenda in the legislature, as we saw in Iowa this year (2009).

  • Elected officials no longer see the need to support a constitutional amendment protecting marriage.

Public Accommodations/Unisex Restrooms

  • In 2008, the Colorado State legislature and its governor made it fully legal for men to enter and use women’s restrooms and locker room facilities without notice or explanation. This means our women and children are placed at greater risk for attacks even by sexual predators. A bisexual, cross dresser, homosexual or heterosexual male can easily walk into a lady’s restroom and relieve himself in their presence. The purpose of the law is to make gay men comfortable if they do not feel comfortable in a men’s restrooms.

  • The Colorado law even states that those who attempt to protect females from this intrusion are subject to a fine up to $5,000 and/or one year in jail. One state usually opens the door for other states.

Public Events (Gay Pride Parades)

  • Parades for gays, lesbians, cross dressers, transgenders, transsexuals, and transvestites are held in many cities around the United States, including New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, and others. During these parades, people openly display nudity and lewd behavior such as fisting (placing a fist in the rectum of another). Many simulated unnatural acts in front of children. According to Catholic League president William Donohue, during last year's march naked homosexuals were making obscene gestures toward St. Patrick's Cathedral and "masturbating in the street." (See "Will Stonewall Replace Father's Day? @

Medical Consequences

  • The AIDS virus has increased, particularly among African-American women who are married to men who are on the down-low, or bisexual. Many men contract AIDS in prison and bring it home to their wives once they have been released.

  • Consider the health problems that gay men will expose many women to in unisex restrooms.

Law Enforcement Consequences

  • Law enforcement will protect gays because this is considered normal behavior for them. Police officers will be confused or fearful of making any arrests for public indecency displayed by gays because it will be legislated as normal and moral behavior for them.

Media Consequences

  • The media presently protects gay activists and will not report negative aspects of their behavior. What about those who stand for what they believe and are punished for it? What about those who are persecuted, sued, arrested, or even killed for opposing homosexuality? No alarm will be sounded by the media to alert the rest of the nation.

  • Those who oppose gays in any way are immediately vilified by the media and made to look like haters, bigots and homophobes. This produces fear and causes many people to back away from taking a stand.

Our Children

  • PLANNED PARENTHOOD in Denver offers a brochure to high school girls entitled “I Think I Might Be a Lesbian.” The brochure states, “You may feel very scared at the thought of having sex with another woman. That’s okay. Lots of us do, especially if it is your first time.”

  • NORTH AMERICAN MAN-BOY LOVE ASSOCIATION (NAMBLA) is a criminal organization whose goal is to train gays to lure young boys for sex. The slogan for this organization is “Sex by eight, or it’s too late.” More same-sex pedophiles will be released on our nation. Once we approve one aspect of gay life, we will have to approve it all.

  • THE GAY-LESBIAN STRAIGHT EDUCATION NETWORK (GLSEN) is designed to advance the gay agenda and lifestyle through the schools. One of their quotes is, “...That’s when the saturation process needs to take place. Five-year-olds are very interested in sex.” GLSEN is also responsible for establishing gay social clubs in schools to recruit other students in the gay lifestyle.

  • 10-YEAR OLD JEFFREY CURLEY was brutally murdered by men who had NAMBLA materials in their homes. They stole Jeffrey’s bike, befriended him, offered to buy him a new bike, and then offered him money for sexual favors. They resorted to force and ultimately suffocated, killed him, and then raped the corpse. The media was totally silent.

  • 13-YEAR-OLD JESSE DIRKHISING was brutally raped, tortured, and murdered by gay men Joshua Brown and David Carpenter, but almost no one heard about it. Once again, the media was silent. Once we approve some homosexual behavior, we will have to unknowingly approve it all.

Parents’ Rights

  • More efforts are being made to advance children’s rights, which will take away parental authority. GLSEN is looking for a legal case involving a teen who wants to participate in a Gay-Straight Alliance, but is prevented by his/her parents from attending. GLSEN will then file a lawsuit against the parents to prevent them from protecting their child from homosexual recruitment. If GLSEN has its way, parental rights will be a thing of the past.

  • Once our kids are free from parental oversight, radical gay teachers will indoctrinate a generation of children to embrace a deviant and dangerous sexual lifestyle.

  • David Parker of Lexington, Massachusetts was not allowed the option of pulling his child out of a certain class that taught homosexuality.

When he would not leave the Board of Education unless they gave him the option to place his child in another class, he was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. Is this what parents have to look forward to?

Demise of Marriage

  • The demise of marriage in Scandinavia illustrates the effects of gay marriage on American families. With the advent of homosexual marriage during the 1990s, the majority of children in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are now born out of wedlock.

Civil Rights

  • Once sexual orientation becomes a federally protected minority class, gays will receive all the benefits of other minority groups. This will affect the benefits of legitimate minority groups such as African-Americans. Why? Everyone has a sexual orientation. Therefore, there will no longer be any minorities.

Historical Consequences

  • Throughout human history, all major religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism recognized one man and one woman in marriage only.

  • The civilizations of Canaan, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, and Rome ultimately decayed and collapsed after embracing homosexuality. No culture in history that embraced homosexuality has long survived.

Same-sex marriage will totally destroy our nation’s foundation in every area of life. Every advancement of the gay community opens the door for another one. Our nation is on a collision course with chaos and destruction, as we have seen with other societies that have embraced homosexuality.

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