How Life Began… 4 billion years ago, what was the early earth like?

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How Life Began…

  1. 4 billion years ago, what was the early earth like?

  1. Where on Earth can we find conditions that were as harsh as the early earth? What kind of life is there?

  1. How do the bacteria use the Hydrogen sulfide to survive?

  1. Where did the very first life come from? What are the ingredients of life?

  1. Describe the Stanley Miller experiment. What did it show?

  1. When did the first life appear on Earth? What is the evidence of this?

  1. Where did the ingredients of life come from? Why do some scientists think this?

  1. Describe Don Brownlee’s experiment to show if space harbors the building blocks of life.

  1. Describe what was found on a chunk of meteorite found in Australia.

  1. How many amino acids have been found on meteorites?

  1. What else could have contained organic compounds?

  1. What happens to amino acids when they slam into the earth? How was this experimentally shown? What did the experiment show? (So cool!  )

  1. Where did life ingredients “leap” to life first?

  1. Describe a “creature” that would live 3 ½ miles underground.

  1. Where else would early earth “creatures” live?

  1. After life moved to the surface, what amazing change evolved?

  1. What is a stromatolite? Where is there evidence of this?

  1. What is cyano-bacteria? What changes did they cause?

  2. How much oxygen is in our atmosphere today?

  1. What does oxygen do to protect life? Why is this important?

  1. Homework: Use your textbook and/or the Internet, to create a brief Geological timeline with examples of life and major geological and extinction processes at each time point. The following web site is one of the best that I have seen! (

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