How did the U. S get so large?

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cathiana aly ladouceur

Unit 11 essay

was westward expansion ethical?

March 29th, 2013

The question “ how did the U.S get so large?” can be answered easily. Over time the U.S expanded little by little. Some land that belong the U.S today was taking by force and some were negotiated. The lands that were taken by force, a lot of people lost their homes. Although some people might argue that westward expansion was ethical because the indian removal act said that “the natives would be protected” but they abused them more than they protected them. Westward expansion was unethical because of three reasons. The First reason is because slavery increased, second reason is because of “the trail of tears”, and the third reason is because of the “indian removal act”.
Westward expansion was unethical because slavery increased. after America purchased Louisiana it became a slave state. “In 1912 Louisiana enter the union as a slave state” (Stephen G. Hyslop, 2009). Making someone a slave is taking away their rights and liberty, slavery shouldn’t be considered as a good thing. Someone can’t just be a slave just because you need to make money out of them. A person’s life is not a business.
Westward expansion was unethical because of the “trail of tears”. After the indians were been removed to another land they had to move again 850 miles away, “the journey took them 3-4 months. from the journey 4 thousand indians died, those who survived called the journey ‘The Trail Of Tears’ and during the journey every time they stop to rest they buried 14-15 cherokees ” (PBS, 2009 ). The americans didn’t keep the promise they made, they promised the indians protection, help, and they also promised them that they could keep the land for their generation after they were being moved. Instead they took away the land that they promised them to keep and made them move 850 miles away and about 4000 indians died . A lot of indians died from this journey and it’s not fair for someone to die while doing something they were forced to do.
Westward expansion was unethical because of the “Indian removal act”. During the indian removal act the indian had to forget about their cultures and be more “american” they had to adapt the americans way of living, they also had to follow a lot of rules. The americans took over their land and made up rules for them to follow. (In history alive textbook 2002) Andrew Jackson told the indians “to move or accept the trouble that americans will bring them”. What that means is that the indians “had” to move out of their territory or else accept it when americans attack them. It’s not right for someone to just come to your land and make up rules for you to follow when you should be the one making rules for them to follow.
In summary westward expansion was unethical. It caused more harm than good. Although some people might argue that it was ethical because the “removal act” said that the indian would be protected after they were moved. After all some good did come out of the expansion such as protecting the indians however the americans didn’t protect the indians for a long time. The expansion might of been the best thing to do but in many ways it affected many people. A lot of indians lost their lives and their families, they were kicked out of their own house. If someone came out of nowhere and asked you to move out of your house and promised to protect you but you have to follow their rules, would you move out or stay? If they tell you that you have to move and they tell you when you have to move , what would you tell them? would you move and give them the house or would you fight for the house?

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