How did invasions by migratory groups such as the Vikings and Magyars influence the development of Europe?

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  1. How did invasions by migratory groups such as the Vikings and Magyars influence the development of Europe?

  1. Areas of settlement for migratory groups included:

    • __________________ and ______________________ migrated form Europe to __________________________

    • _______________________ migrated from central Asia to ______________________________

    • _______________________ migrated from Scandinavia to ___________________________________________

  2. How did manors provide protection to the common man from invading groups?

  1. How did Charlemagne revive the idea of the Roman Empire?

    • ______________________ emerge as a force in Western Europe

    • The _________________ crowned him emperor

    • Power of the _______________________ was established in political life

    • ______________________ culture was reinterpreted

    • ___________________, _______________________, and ______________________ were built to unite the empire

  2. The ____________________ of Roman influence in Western Europe left people with little protection against __________________, so they entered into feudal agreements with landholding _______________ who promised them _______________________

  3. What was the hierarchy of the Middle Ages?

  1. How were manors in the Middle Ages able to be self-sufficient?

  1. What happened to trade during the Middle Ages as a result of feudalism?

  1. Who grew in authority after the decline of Roman authority making it the unifying force in Western Europe?

  1. What are the three foundations of early medieval society?

  1. The Roman Catholic Church influenced the development of the Middle Ages in all of the following ways:

    • ______________________ authority declined, while Church authority grew

    • ______________________ preserved Greco-Roman cultural achievements

    • ______________________ carried Christianity and Latin alphabet to _______________________ tribes

    • __________________ priests served religious and _________________ needs of the people

  2. What emerges during the Middle Ages as monarchies seek to consolidate power?

  1. List the four main nation-states that emerge during the Middle Ages

  1. Describe England as an early nation-state

    • ____________________________________, leader of the Norman Conquest, ___________________________________

    • Henry II established ___________________ law, or law based on _________________________________________

    • King John signed the ________________________________ that _______________________________________________

    • The _____________________ Years War between England and ________________ helped define England as a _________________________________

  2. What are the two houses of English Parliament?

  1. Describe France developing as a nation-state

    • _____________________________________ established the French throne in ______________________

    • Joan of Arc helped unify France during _______________________________________

  2. Where was the Hundred Years’ War fought?

  1. How did Spain develop into a nation-state?

    • ______________________ and ______________________________ unified the country and expelled _____________ and ____________________

    • Spanish Empire in the Western Hemisphere expanded under ________________________________

  2. Explain the evolution of Russia into a nation-state

    • _________________ the Great threw off the rule of the Mongols, ___________________ power in ___________ and ____________________ the Russian nation

    • the _________________________________ influenced unification

  3. What were the Crusades and who fought in them?

  1. What were the key events of the Crusades?

    • Pope ________________ speech

    • Loss of _______________________ to Saladin

    • Sack of _________________________________ by western Crusaders

  2. Identify the effects of the Crusades

    • Weakened the ______________ and nobles; strengthened ____________________________

    • Stimulated _______________________ throughout the Mediterranean area and the _______________ East

    • Left a legacy of bitterness among Christians, ___________________, and _________________________

    • Weakened the Byzantine Empire

  3. What was the goal of the Crusades?

  1. While the Crusades played out in the Mediterranean and Middle East, Mongol armies invaded _________, Southwest _________________, and _________________, creating an empire

  2. Following the fall of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople becomes the capital of what empire?

  3. In the _______________________ century, the _______________________________ (Bubonic Plague) decimated the population of much of Asia and then the population of much of ___________________

  4. Identify the impact of the Black Death on Western Europe

    • _______________________ in population

    • Scarcity of ___________________

    • Towns freed from _________________________________

    • Decline of __________________________________________

    • ______________________________ of trade

  5. Why did the Black Death test the loyalty of individuals to the Christian Church?

Be able to locate the following places:







-Alp Mountains

-Pyrenees Mountains

-Mediterranean Sea


-Black Sea

-Atlantic Ocean

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