How Contact with the Moors Shaped Spain’s Worldview

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How Contact with the Moors Shaped Spain’s Worldview

For 700 years the Islamic Empire occupied some of the Iberian Peninsula. The influence left in Spain by the Moors was most prominent in the following areas:

  1. Important Schools of astronomy, math and architecture.

  2. Illuminated manuscripts (picture books  )

  3. Great libraries containing numerous books on all scientific topics.

  4. A large collection of classical writings (ancient Greek and Roman) translated into numerous languages.

  5. Beautiful buildings and mosques (Muslim Church).

How Other Meso-American Cultures Shaped the Aztec Worldview

Religious Beliefs and Practices

  1. The belief that gods could take the forms of animals or humans.

  2. The belief in multiple gods.

  3. Religious practices based on the seasons.

  4. The belief that human sacrifice was necessary to sustain the gods.

Social Systems

  1. A hierarchical society with a noble class, priests and commoners.

  2. Government with a strong central authority (like a dictatorship)

  3. Strong military practices to build an empire.

Architecture and Art

  1. Huge pyramid-like temples to honor the gods.

  2. Murals, monuments and structures

  3. The art of jewelry making, pottery, mosaics. Metal works and feather work.

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