How Beer Saved the World (2011 Documentary): a reflection

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How Beer Saved the World (2011 Documentary): A Reflection

Beer was considered to be one of the oldest and greatest invention of all time that the world has. Aside from this, it has contributed a lot in our history that made an impact in today’s societies. It saves the first farmland, build the world’s first wonders, and it even establish modern healthcare. The agricultural revolution is also about beer. There are a lot of amazing and untold stories of how beer influenced and contributed to the whole world. Beer is not only for drinking and serves as a liquor. There is more than what we think of it.

Personally speaking, the only thing I know about beer is that it is a beverage that people usually drinks at family gatherings and parties. Some also says that beer is good for the health and it can make the tummy of person bigger when a person is drinking a lot of it and that’s all. That is all I know about beer. A very shallow knowledge I have.

However, as I watched the 43 mins documentary on how beer saved the world, I realized how it’s a big shame for me that I don’t even know a lot about it and that I only knew about things that are not even sure whether it’s a fact or only a rumor. I find it entertaining that I have this new discoveries in me. It is just so amazing that they claimed that without beer, we might still be living in a cage which somehow says that beer has really made a great impact on how we are living today. Aside from this, even the first creation of beer is so remarkable. It is not intended but just purely coincidence that the Barley the hunters left produced a bubbly mixture and when one of them tasted it, they think of it as something extraordinary. It is just so incredible to think that because of an accident, it changed everything and the world was never the same after then. It made the life of people more interesting. Another topic that I was really astonished to was that beer invented or is the start of writing. It is very impossible to think that because of beer, writing was invented or created. The beer trade created recording in clay tablets which then evolved in writing. Just because of a mere beer, it contributed to the existence of one of the most used task in this world, writing. As what in the documentary said, it is impossible but it is true.

There are a lot more of discoveries I have about beer. But to sum it up, the creation and impact of beer in the world is truly admirable and something that we should be thanked of. Thanks to beer, we are what and where we are today. Without beer, life would be truly different and never the same.

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