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Ba 5 Farmer’s Bank Building, Smiths Grove, KY, 03/13/1983 (photo). The Farmer’s Bank was established in 1989. Its proprietors were

David and J.R. Kirby, old and wealthy citizens of the county. The stone building is made of white limestone quarried in Warren County. It is now used as a law office for Max B. Harlin III.

HO 2 Stoneware Jars owned by Iva White, Louisville, KY

HO 8 Dazy Churn, butter dishes, butter molds owned by Romanza

Johnson, Bowling Green, KY, 02/01/1986 (Photo). The round

butter mold was from the Oliphant Family (Romanza’s family)

Scottsville, KY. It would hold about a pound of butter. The

plunger (to push the butter out) had a design cut on it. The top of

the mold had the following cut into the top: Pat P Apr 17 1866.

This translates to: Patent Pending April 17, 1866.

Bu 1 Jarrett House, Highways 441& 23, Dillsboro, NC

Bu 8 Morgan Log House, Grayson Lake State Park, south of Grayson,

KY. 09/1979 (photo). In 1979 the Morgan house had just been

moved to the park and had not been put on its new foundation. It is

a two pen saddlebag house tied together only by the roof. The logs

were oak but the other material in the house is poplar. The pens are

about 20’ x 20’ and are 4’ apart. A dressed rock chimney 6’ x 4’ is

built about the center between the pens, and a stairway went up

between the pens in front to a loft overhead. There is a door and

two windows to each pen in front, and a door in the center of each

pen in back. The chimney had double fireplaces, one in each pen.

Fireplace dimensions: 42” wide, 36” high, 20” deep.

Bu 11 Doe Run Inn, south of Brandenburg, KY. 08/1908 (photo). The

five story section was built of local stone by Thomas Stevenson in

1821. The other section was added by James S. Bates about 1831.

Some closed-in porches were added on the back and on the end next to the creek after it became an inn. It originally had a large

overshot water wheel. It was first used as a woolen mill and then as

a grist mill. Later it became a flour and grain mill and was run by

“Wash” Coleman. In 1946 it became Doe Run Inn.

Bu 14 Ellis’ Old Stone Tavern, Nicholas County, north of Ellisville and

south of Blue Licks Battlefield Park. 04/1981 (photo). Historic

Marker 1977. Ellis’ Old Stone Tavern. Near here, Ellis Station,

Boone stopped en route to Battle of Blue Licks. House built ca.

1807 by James Ellis, Revolutionary War soldier. It was well

known point on “Smith Wagon Road” and Ohio-to-Alabama mail

stagecoach line. Ellisville named county seat of Nicholas County

1805. Across road stood county’s first courthouse, 1806-1816. Seat

moved to Carlisle.

Bu 17 Woodson Store, Hwy. 29, North Garden, VA. 06/08/1981 (photo).

The store was started in 1911 by C.C. Woodson and was operated

by him until his death on December 25, 1973 at the age of 86.

After his death the store was closed but Mrs. Woodson still lives in

some rooms on the side of the store. She is 87 years old but is in

good health and is active.

Bu 22 The Shaker Tavern. At intersection of Hwy. 73 and L&N Railroad,

southwest of Bowling Green, KY. 07/18/1981 (photo). Historic

marker. The Shaker Tavern. Built 1869, nine years after the

completion of the L&N Railroad through South Union land.

Members approved tax to build line through here, furnished

material and constructed depot. Visitors increased and trustees

built the hotel, replacing use of frame office building, center of the

village. One outside chimney for three fireplaces a unique feature.

Bu 26 Jack Thomas House. Leitchfield, KY. 10/06/1981. (photo). East Main Street one block from square. Historical marker: Jack Thomas House. First story, east wing of house, was the earliest brick residence in Grayson County. It was built ca. 1810 by Jack Thomas, first County and Circuit Court Clerk. He added two-story brick wing on North, Federal Style. Despite alterations of the 1870s and 80s, original walls remain. A striking feature of construction is uniform log joists supporting first floor.

Bu 27 Walnut Grove School, northwest of Caneyville, KY. 10/06/1981

(photo). Sign on front of school. Walnut Grove School. Preserved

by the Grayson County Historical Society in memory of Mrs. Ora

Alta Stinson French. Donated by her son Rev. Howard French.

Bu 33 Converse College. Spartanburg, SC. 11/29/1981 (photo). Historic

marker. Converse College, S.C. Founded by citizens of

Spartanburg in 1889 for the liberal education of women. Named

for Dexter Edgar Converse, pioneer textile manufacturer. Opened

in 1890 on this site, the grounds of which have been used for

educational purposes since 1849.

Bu 54 Old Hotel. Canton, KY, Hwy. 68. 08/15/1982 (photo). Adam

Boyd laid out Boyd’s Landing on Cumberland River in late 1700s

and this later became Canton. Boyd is said to have built the hotel

and it was standing when Trigg Co. was formed in 1820. Joe and

Lizzie Futrell bought the place in the 1890s and it has remained in

the family since. It is now owned by Willis Jones their grandson. It

has recently been restored and the Joneses plan on living in it, but

also use part for an antique shop. Information from Byron

Crawford column in the Courier-Journal, August 9, 1982.

Bu 57 Old Train Station, Berea, KY (now Appalachian Gifts)

Bu 81 Old Rock Barn, off Highway 627, South of Winchester, KY,


Bu 90 Little Greenbrier School, Great Smoky Mountain Park, TN

(slide). Off Hwy. 73. Built in 1882 and used as a school

and Primitive Baptist Church until 1935. There is a small

cemetery up the slope in front of the building. Children walked

long distances, and some years the term was only six weeks. An

old fashioned cook stove was used for heat. Logs are up to 25” in

width and 5” to 6” thick, and are fastened by camber and notch

joints. 04/13/1984 (photo)

Bu 91 John Oliver Cabin, Cades Cove, TN (log). Great Smoky Mountain

Park. The Olivers bought land in Cades Cove in 1826 and the

cabin remained in the family until the park was established in the

1920s. The logs are hewn, notched at the corners and chinked with

mud. The chimney is flat filed stones laid in mud. The doors have

wood hinges and latches. 04/13/1984 (photo)

Bu 92 Dan Lawson House, Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountain Park,

TN. 04/13/1984 (photo). Dan Lawson bought this land from his

father-in-law, Peter Cable and Cable probably helped build the

house. Some of the best craftsmanship in the park is in this house.

The ceiling joists are dressed and beaded with a plane. The brick

chimney is unusual for time and place but the bricks were made on

the site. The building with the overhang is the smokehouse.

Bu 95 Offutt-Cole Tavern. Hwy. 62 So. of Georgetown, KY. 04/30/1984

(photo). Historic marker. Offutt-Cole Tavern. Richard Cole Jr.’s

son James, father of Zerelda (Cole) James, mother of notorious

Jesse and Frank James. Tavern later known as “Black Horse

Tavern.” It was operated as a tollgate house 1848-1880. Owned by

Lexington, Versailles and Midway Road Co. Acquired by McCabe

family in 1916 which deeded property to Woodford County

Historical Society, 1979, for restoration. Site first owned by

Hancock Taylor, early surveyor. Features of log section date to the

1780s to 1790s. Major John Lee lived here, then leased to Horatio

Offutt, who built brick section, 1802, for use as tavern. He rented

building to John Kennedy and William Dailey who opened famous

Stagecoach Inn, 1804. Tavern operated by Richard Cole, Jr., 1812-

1839. (Marker 1979).

Bu 97 Walnut Grove Plantation. Roebuck, SC. 1765. (slide) On Hwy. I-

26, 9 ¼ mi. South of its intersection with I-85; 1 mi. from I-26 and 221 intersection. There is a rock stile block in front of the house. Hand dug well 30’ deep. (photo)

Bu 99 Summit one-room schoolhouse. Now in Freedom Lake Park,

Elizabethtown, KY.(slide). The school was built in 1892 and it was used until it was closed in 1953. Julia Richardson was the last teacher. It was empty for a time and was moved to Freedom Lake Park in Elizabethtown, KY in 1978. Is being restored in 2001. 07/09/1984 (photo).

Bu 115 Old House, Forkland Community, West of Junction City, KY

Bu 124 Opera House, Springfield, KY

Bu 125 Old Carroll House, White Mills, KY

Bu 135 Granny White House (log), Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, IN,


Bu 144 Dunagan’s Grocery and Post Office. Mill Springs, KY. 10/23/1985

(photo). This building was originally across Hwy. 1275 near the

old water mill and was probably built about World War I. It was

moved across the road to its present site in 1935 and has been the

Dunagan’s Grocery since that time. The town of Mill Springs was

established in 1824.

Bu 146 Saddlebag Log House (weatherboarded), farm near Crofton, KY.

01/25/1986 (photo). The house has two log pens about 8’ apart and

the roof connects the two. The rooms are about 16’ x 18’ and are

made of hewed oak logs about 6” x 8”, one inch poplar siding put

on vertically and then weatherboarding (poplar) added over this.

One room had vertical poplar with canvas tacked on this and then

papered. The other room originally had narrow, grooved ceiling

board on both walls and ceiling but this had also had canvas and

paper. The dogtrot had been enclosed. There had been a root cellar

back of the house but this had fallen in.

Bu 148 Old House, Winchester, TN

Bu 152 Hiett Store, Frizzleville, OH, Highway 763, 1966

Bu 156 Rush County Courthouse, Rushville, IN

Bu 159 Old House, Bumpus Mills, TN

Bu 167 Combs House, Headquarters Civil War, Camp Nelson, KY

Bu 175 Janet Holt Giles House, Knifely, KY

Bu 176 A School built by WPA, 1938, Ivyton, Hwy. 114 W. of

Prestonsburg, KY (slide). The building is three rooms with some

small rooms for other use. It is built with dressed sandstone from

the local area. The WPA did the entire job from sandstone ledge to

finished building. There is an arched door in front, and a stone over this has WPA 1938. The walls are in good condition but the roof had fallen in so the rain had about destroyed the inside part. There are two other schools in this area built by the WPA. They are built like the one described. One is south of Ivyton off Hwy. 7. The block over the arch has WPA 1937. It is Gypsy School and has been made into a home and is attractive. The other is Swampton School, built like the others. 07/18/1989 (photo).

Bu 176 B See Bu 176 A

Bu 180 Old Brick School, E. side of Hwy. 732, S. of Reily, OH (slide).

A stone set into the brick reads: Reily Township District 8 1881.

There was another one that looked the same on the west side of

Hwy. 732 on the north side of Reily, OH. It had a newer house

and storage buildings around it. There are two near the state line on

the Indiana side. One is on the south edge of Drewersburg and the

other is almost North where Drewersburg Road runs into Hwy.

252, NW of Scipio, OH. This one has part of the end taken out and

double doors put on. The floor has probably been removed and

made into a small barn. A metal sign over the door had: School 9

and an 1856 date. These two seem to be built like the two on the

Ohio side. 11/30/1989 (photo).

Bu 199 Courthouse, Troy, OH

Bu 204 Olde Bethlehem Academy Inn, Elizabethtown, KY

Bu 205 Courthouse, Sylva, NC

Bu 208 Courthouse, Springfield, KY, 1816

Bu 233 Courthouse, Ellaville, GA

Bu 257 Josie D. Harkins One-Room School (1924-1987), Jenny Wiley

State Park, Prestonsburg, KY. 05/29/1996 (photo). The last

operating one-room in Kentucky was closed in 1987. It was moved

to the park from its original site, Daniels Creek, in Floyd County.

It is now used for some recreational programs and also for

interdenominational church services on Sundays.

Bu 259 Devasher School, moved to Bazzell Middle School campus,

Scottsville, KY. 11/01/1998 (photo). Devasher one-room school

was built on Devaser Road in Hopewell between 1918-1920. The

school was closed in 1958 and was moved to Scottsville in

November, 1994. The building is in good condition and has many

desks, etc. that would have been in it.

Bu 260 A Octagon Hall, U.S. 31W, N. of Franklin, Simpson Co., KY

03/18/2001 (photo). Historical Marker 503. An antebellum

landmark built by Andrew Jackson Caldwell, an ardent

Confederate of the Southern Cause. Many Confederate soldiers

found shelter here. Bricks were made, wood cut, and finished stone

quarried on the place. The house erected by Caldwell and his men.

Three floors with four large rooms, hall, and stairway. Large

basement provided hiding place. The foundation is made with

limestone blocks about 18” square and 4’ long. There are two and

in some places three layers above ground. The walls are brick with

the inside finished with plaster. The wood is poplar, chestnut, and


Bu 260 B See Bu 260 A.

Bu 260 C See Bu 260 A.

Bu 261 A Old-time Five & Dime Store, Mount Vernon, KY. 04/19/2001

(photo). Hiatt’s 5 & 10 store goes back to the 1930s. Billy Hiatt,

72, a former schoolteacher has owned the store for the past 40

years. It still has many basic 5 & 10 items but these are

overshadowed by many present-day gift items. These are

probably necessary to stay in business but take away from the

historical value of the store.

Bu 261 B See Bu 261 A.

Ch 2 Carrs Methodist Church, Hwy. 8, NW of Vanceburg, Lewis Co.,

KY. 07/1979 (photo). The church had a circle built into the wall

over the door. It read: Peter Taylor Chapel MECS 1878. The small

cemetery had about 25 graves and most of these had monuments.

The earliest date was 1839 and the latest date was 1961. It will be

torn down to build a power plant. The building was not where the

power buildings would be and they agreed to leave it. However,

the members would be moving away and they voted to have it torn

down rather than leave it there to eventually fall down from


Ch 6 Plano Baptist Church, Plano, KY (near Bowling Green, KY).

01/1981 (photo). Built in 1896 and dedicated April 18, 1897.

Dedication service by Rev. J.S. Coleman. Text: Mark 15:38.

Ch 9 Indian Creek Baptist Church, established 1790, Hwy. 32, East of

Cynthiana, KY. 04/1981 (photo). Historic Marker. This is the

original building erected on this site by pioneer families of Indian

Creek settlement. Church constituted in 1790, in continuous use

until 1965. Buried in church cemetery are Rev. Charles Webb, an

early minister; Revolutionary soldiers Moses Endicott, Edward

McShane, Henry Talbert, and Hugh Wilson, and many of first


Ch 12 Trinity Methodist Church, off Hwy. 29, North Garden, VA.

06/07/1981 (photo). The church is in a wooded area. The land was

given by Mr. & Mrs. George M. Kidd, October 30, 1890. Church

dedicated November 11, 1892 by Dr. George W. Carter. It is not

sealed inside under the roof so the bracing can be seen. The

structure is pine and the braces are mortised into the rafters and the

tie beams. They are also mortised where they cross in the center.

Ch 16 Episcopal Church, Cynthiana,KY

Ch 17 St. Catherine Catholic Church, New Haven, KY, windows

Ch 22 First Baptist Church, Spartanburg, SC

Ch 23 St. Francis Catholic Church, Hwy. 460, 8 mi. W. of Georgetown,

KY. 04/05/1982 (photo). It is one of the oldest Catholic churches

in Kentucky. Stephen T. Badin, a pioneer priest, came to the area

in 1808. In 1815 a farm was purchased and the present church was

built in 1820. The church cost $3,600.00 and the floor, altar railing,

choir stairs, and choir loft are made of ash lumber. (Coleman,


Ch 24 Old Mulkey Meeting House, Tompkinsville, KY

Ch 26 St. Catherine Catholic Church, New Haven, KY

Ch 42 First Presbyterian Church, Flemingsburg, KY, 1819, slave balcony

Ch 43 Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church, Hwy. 62, Bardwell, KY (1858)

Ch 51 Drakesboro Methodist Church, KY, 1919

Ch 55 Nolynn Baptist Church, Hwy. 222, E of Glendale, KY; organized

late 1700’s; rebuilt 1895

Ch 58 A St. Thomas Catholic Church, off Hwy. 31E, So. of Bardstown,

KY. 04/10/1983 (photo). The church. Historic Marker on Hwy. 31E. St. Thomas Farm. The cradle of the Catholic Church in KY ½ mile east. In 1811 became residence of Bishop Flaget and Father David when pioneering St. Joseph’s Cathedral, St. Joseph College and Old Bethlehem Academy in Bardstown. First home, 1812, of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Founding site of Saint Thomas

Seminary and Saint Thomas Orphanage, Louisville.

Ch 58 B St. Thomas Catholic Church, off Hwy. 31E, So. of Bardstown,

KY. 04/10/1983 (photo). A log house at the side of the church. See rest of Ch 58 A.

Ch 62 Elizaville Presbyterian Church, Highway 32, west of

Flemingsburg, KY

Ch 66 Bethel Baptist Church, Hwy. 70 west of Morgantown, KY

Ch 79 Hardinsburg Methodist Church, KY

Ch 82 Primitive Baptist Church, Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountain

Park, TN (slide). Church was organized in 1827 and a log church

was built. The present church was built in 1887. There was

considerable division in the church during and after the Civil War.

Many of the Olivers, Gregorys, Shields, and Anthonys are buried

in the cemetery. 04/13/1984 (photo).

Ch 83 Methodist Church, Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountain Park, TN.

04/13/1984 (photo). Church was organized in the 1820s with

services held in a log building until 1902 when the present church

was built. The church has two doors: the women and children

entered through the left door and the men used the right door. A

divider separated the two groups on the inside.

Ch 84 Missionary Baptist Church, Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountain

Park, TN. 04/13/1984 (photo). Church was formed in 1839 by members of the Primitive Baptist Church who were dismissed because they favored missionary work. During the Civil War the church ceased to meet but reopened after the war with some new members. The present building was built in 1894 when there were

40 members. Membership later rose to 115 members.

Ch 89 Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, KY, 1907

Ch 90 First Presbyterian Church, Goldsboro, NC

Ch 91 Ann Street Methodist Church and Old Burying Ground, brick

boxed graves, Beaufort, NC 05/13/1984 (slide) The Old Burying

Ground is next to the Ann Street Methodist Church. A sign says it

was deeded to the town in 1731 by Nathanael Taylor. Capt. Otway

Burus of the War of 1812, Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers

are buried here. Some of the graves are mounded over with brick,

and these are probably Quaker graves.

Ch 99 St. Augustine Catholic Church, Lebanon, KY

Ch 104 Saint Rose Priory near Springfield, KY 05/05/1985 (photo).

Historic Marker. Founded, 1806, by Fr. Fenwick from Maryland.

First Dominican religious house and second oldest priory in the

U.S. Site of first Catholic college west of Alleghenies, 1807. St.

Thomas School here, 1809-28. Jefferson Davis, later president of

the Confederacy, student, 1815-1816. In 1822 Fr. Wilson founded

first community of Dominican Sisters in U.S. Present church built,


Ch 106 United Methodist Church, Hopkinsville, KY, 1916

Ch 108 Old Union Missionary Baptist Church, off Hwy. 240, Bowling

Green, KY 07/07/1985 (photo). Historic Marker. Legislative act of

1785 gave right to 200 acres for each settler in Green River

country. This brought many from Carolinas. Among them were

two Baptist preachers, who constituted union church in 1795. John

Hightower first pastor served until 1813. Meeting house shared

with other denominations. Services through Civil War while most

did not. Present building erected 1866. The 1866 building replaced

in recent years and the pictures are the new building.

Ch 120 Oak Forest Union Church, Hwy. 263 NW of Richardsville, KY

04/10/1986 (photo). This is an old log building (1891). It has been

covered on the outside with aluminum but logs still show inside.

The building is almost square about 30’ x 35’.

Ch 125 Catholic Church and Convent, Oldenburg, IN (slide). Immaculate

Conception Convent, motherhouse of the Sisters of the Third

Order of Saint Francis. Founded 1851 by Mother Theresa

Hackelmeier of Vienna, Austria. Rebuilt after fire of 1857. Chapel

built in 1889. Holy Family School in honor of Mariae Semper is

across the street. 07/15/1986 (photo)

Ch 131 Roberts Chapel United Methodist Church, Hwy. 27 north of Camp

Nelson, KY

Ch 140 Newtown Christian Church, KY, 1857

Ch 152 Bryson City Presbyterian Church, NC, 1881

Ch 154 Building housing Old Cane Ridge Meeting House, on Hwy. 537

about 8 mi. E. of Paris, KY. 10/29/1991 (photo). The old log

church building had a large slave gallery or balcony that was set on

posts and was free standing. It was not attached to the church

building. When some improvements were being made in the 1800s

the balcony timbers were removed and became part of a local

farmer’s barn. When the church was restored to its original

condition in 1932, the balcony was brought back and put in the old


Ch 159 First Presbyterian Church, Columbus, GA, 1862

Ch 160 St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church, Columbus, GA, 1876

Ch 179 Plains Baptist Church, Plains, GA
Ch 9 Stick chimney Lincoln Boyhood Home Park, Dale, IN

Ch 4 Limestone chimney Dukes Farm south of Winchester, KY

Ch 7 Sandstone chimney Todd County, KY

Ch 6 Brick chimney Walnut Grove Plan, Roebuck, SC

Ch 5 Brick chimney Davis House, Smyrna, NC

Ch 8 Fireplace White Farm, White Mills, KY

Cy 11 Fieldstone chimney (sandstone) Farmy near Crofton, Ky., January

25, 1986 (See Bu 146)

Ch 12 Fireplace, skew Arch, Allen County, KY 2nd on back. Stone

fireplace with skew arch, (there was a second fireplace on other

side) Allen County, Kentucky, February 10, 1988.

Cy 13 A,B Brick chimney, Boone plantation, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina,

March 30, 1988.

Cy 14 A,B Limestone fireplace with keystone arch, White Mills, Kentucky,

April 16, 1988; B July 2, 1988.

Cy 15 A,B Dressed sandstone fireplace, Hwy. 52, Armathwaite, Tennessee,

August 20, 1988.

Ch 16 Dressed sandstone fireplace (2nd one on other side) east side Green

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