House Taken Over

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House Taken Over Prompt

Directions: Read “House Taken Over” by Julio Cortazar. Then answer the following short answer prompt. When you are done, color code your font before uploading it to Canvas. Use the colors listed next to the pieces below.

  • Prompt: Write an analysis paragraph with two pieces of evidence in which you connect the author’s use of literary elements to the tone of the piece.

  • Literary devices: simile, metaphor, imagery, alliteration, personification, etc.

Use the sentence stem below for guidance:
In “House Taken Over,” Julio Cortazar uses/utilizes/employs (literary device 1) and (literary device 2) to convey/create a(n) (tone). 
*Be sure to use the paragraph format shown below.
Paragraph format
Topic Sentence - red
Lead-in - blue
Evidence - green
Commentary - orange
Lead-in- blue
Evidence - green
Commentary - orange
Closing sentence - red
In “House Taken Over,” Julio Cortazar utilizes imagery to create an unconcerned tone. The narrator and Irene had lost half of their house due to what seems to be a ghost.
“In that case”, she said, picking up her needles again, “ we’ll have to live on this side”(Paragraph 12). When the “ghost” takes that portion of the house, they seem to be very unconcerned about getting it back. Instead of plotting to get their house back, they decide to sit back. “Except for the consequences, it’s nearly a matter of repeating the same scene over again”(Paragraph 23). Irene and the narrator don’t realize the long term consequences of not taking their house back. This eventually leads to the “ghost” taking over the rest of the house and Irene and the narrator losing all of their belongings along with the house.
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