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Speaker Adair Presiding

HB 1134 by Phillips of the House and Price of the Senate was read and considered.
Coauthored by Representative(s) Roach, Calvey, Perry, Winchester
Representative Wright moved to amend HB 1134, Page 6, Section 2, Line 16 by adding a period "." after the word "licensees" and inserting the following language before the semi-colon ";" to read as follows:
"The Oklahoma Real Estate contract form committee shall retain on any standardized residential real estate purchase contract the current ten day buyer's right of inspection and right to cancel the contract based on the results of the inspections allowed as worded in the current contracts used by the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors."
Representative Phillips moved to table the Wright amendment, which tabling motion prevailed upon a division of the question.
Representative Phillips moved that HB 1134 be advanced from General Order, which motion was declared adopted.
By unanimous consent, upon request of Representative Phillips, HB 1134 was considered engrossed and placed on Third Reading and Final Passage.

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