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HJR 1028 was referred for engrossment. GENERAL ORDER

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HJR 1028 was referred for engrossment.

HB 1914 by Miller (Ray) of the House and Morgan of the Senate was read and considered.
Representative Miller (Ray) moved that HB 1914 be advanced from General Order, which motion was declared adopted.
By unanimous consent, upon request of Representative Miller (Ray), HB 1914 was considered engrossed and placed on Third Reading and Final Passage.

HB 1914 was read at length for the third time. On passage of the measure and emergency, the roll call was as follows:
Aye: Adkins, Askins, Balkman, Begley, Benge, Benson, Blackburn, Bonny, Braddock, Cargill, Case, Claunch, Corn, Covey, Cox, Davis, Deutschendorf, Dunegan, Easley, Eddins, Ericson, Ervin, Erwin, Ferguson, Fields, Friskup, Gilbert, Glover, Gray, Hastings, Hefner, Hiett, Hilliard, Hutchison, Ingmire, Jones, Kirby, Langmacher, Leist, Lindley, Maddux, Mass, Matlock, McCarter, Miller (Doug), Miller (Ray), Mitchell, Morgan, Nance, Nations, Newport, O'Neal, Paulk, Perry, Peters, Peterson, Phillips, Piatt, Plunk, Pope (Clay), Pope (Tim), Rice, Roach, Roan, Roberts, Roggow, Ross, Smaligo, Smith (Dale), Staggs, Stanley, Stites, Sullivan (John), Sullivan (Leonard), Sweeden, Taylor, Toure, Turner, Tyler, Vaughn, Walker, Webb, Wells, Wilson, Wilt, Winchester, Worthen, Wright, Young, Mr. Speaker.--90.
Nay: Calvey, Coleman, Dank, Graves, Greenwood, Liotta, Pettigrew, Reese, Smith (Hopper), Tibbs.--10.
Excused: Steele.--1.
The measure and emergency passed.

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