Hour: Discussion Questions

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Name: “The Demon Lover” English II

Hour: Discussion Questions

  1. Identify two possible interpretations for the story’s ending. What effect does the ending have on you as a reader?

  1. One possible ending is that Mrs.Drover was killed by the “demon lover” from her past.

  2. Another possible interpretation is that Mrs.Drover is potentially hallucinating, and that no one is there.

The story’s ending makes the reader question Mrs. Drover, as well as feel shocked. The ending of the story makes the reader feel like we should have seen it coming.

  1. Review the description of the story’s setting in the beginning. What mood, or atmosphere, does this passage establish? Cite specific words and phrases to support your answer.

The beginning of the story sets the setting up as creepy. It makes the reader feel like Mrs. Drover should do her best to be in and out of her old house. The author uses phrases like, “batch of clouds”, “unfamiliar queerness”, “no human eye watched Mrs. Drover”, “Dead air came out to meet her”.

  1. Identify two examples of foreshadowing in the story. In what ways to they hint at important events presented later in the story?

“Her reluctance to look again at the letter came from the fact that she felt intruded upon” (80). This passage gives us foreshadowing clues that she is not alone. That someone is inside the house with her.

“She could not have plighted a more sinister troth” (81). This gives us clues that she promises a marriage that was “sinister” meaning evil. This gives us clues that the man she promised to marry may not have been as nice as she originally thought.

“She heard nothing…down there a door or window was being opened by someone who chose this moment to leave the house”(83). This passage foreshadows that something bad is about to happen. This gives clues to the reader that someone is following her, or knows her next move.

  1. Reread the flashback on page 81. Would the story be as powerful if the events had been told in chronological order without the use of flashback? Explain your thoughts.

The story would not be as powerful if it was told in chronological order. The flashback adds an element of suspense to the story. The reader is almost in the dark about the appearance of the letter until the flashback. The flashback also comes at a very natural place in story. It makes the reader feel on the same page as Mrs. Drover.

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