Host a Nation Week 16 to 22 July 2012

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The UK hosting the world
Host a Nation Week

16 to 22 July 2012

A guide for events in your Community

Host a Nation Week summary 3

The Games in numbers 4

Welcome the world to your community 5

Pre-Games Training Camps: what, where and when 6

No training venue? No problem! Become a Local Leader! 7

Ideas on how to celebrate with Host a Nation Week 8

Culture, sport and society 9

Business and tourism 11

Opportunities for schools 13

Get organised! 15

Involving the athletes 16

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Host a Nation Week (16 to 22 July 2012) will be a week for local communities across the UK to celebrate a positive link with the countries whose teams are based here for Pre-Games Training Camps.
This guide is aimed at local communities, community groups, business groups and sports clubs to help them to make the most of these opportunities.
These dates are recommended for events around the Pre-Games Training Camps and any related activity during that week can use the Host a Nation Week title.

Host a Nation Week summary

Host a Nation Week will run from 16 – 22 July inclusive

Host a Nation Week is a unique opportunity for local communities across the UK to celebrate the countries coming to the UK ahead of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to train at local sporting facilities.

The presence of the Olympic and Paralympic teams is already generating a lot of interest and excitement. It presents a great opportunity to forge new and strengthen existing links between local communities in the UK and the nations and communities from which those teams come.
Host a Nation Week is aimed at communities which are hosting a Pre-Games Training Camp (PGTC) in their area. Find out more here:

We hope that following Host a Nation Week, you take the first steps towards longer-term arrangements with these countries - whether it is sharing sports coaches, developing cultural exchanges or establishing new business networks.

The following pages provide some ideas for events and activities that your community may wish to consider as part of Host a Nation Week. Please be as innovative as you wish!

The Games in numbers

Olympic Games

- 26 sports, 39 disciplines

- 34 venues

- 8.8 million tickets

- 10,500 athletes

- 302 medal events

- 205 National Olympic Committees

- 7,500 team officials

Paralympic Games

- 20 sports, 21 disciplines

- 19 venues

- 2 million tickets

- 4,200 athletes

- 503 medal events

- 170 National Paralympic Committees

- 2,300 team officials

Welcome the world to your community

This summer the UK will host the world’s greatest sporting events. This is an exciting opportunity to boost British sport, inspire a generation of young people to take up sport and encourage others to lead a healthy active lifestyle.

But it will also bring much wider opportunities and benefits. Over 200 national teams will be represented at the Games, many of which will base themselves across the UK at training venues (Pre-Games Training Camps) in the run up to both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Building links and relationships with nations and communities overseas can bring huge benefits to your local community, whether those links are cultural, social, sporting, or business-related. These links can be further built on after the Games.
Have you thought about what this unique opportunity could do for your area? This booklet takes you through ways of capitalising on this opportunity.

Key dates:
18 May Olympic Torch arrives in the UK

19 May Olympic Torch Relay begins

2-5 June Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

21 June Festival 2012 begins

25 June World Sport Day

16-22 July Host a Nation Week 27 July Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

9 September Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony

Pre-Games Training Camps: what, where and when

Pre-Games Training Camps will be based at a number of world-class training facilities across the UK in the build up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, with teams of athletes from across the world coming to the UK to complete the final stages of their training programmes.

Camps will vary in scale from a handful of athletes to much larger teams in some areas. National Olympic Committees and National Paralympic Committees have entered into agreements with facilities across the country, ranging from universities and schools to Local Authority facilities and centres of excellence.
Teams have been steadily building their Games preparation in the last few years at venues across the UK, with activity increasing over the coming months. While for some these may be private affairs, others may be planning some form of engagement within local communities. This is still a great opportunity for communities and businesses to showcase themselves and, alongside both Torch Relays, is a real example of the truly UK-wide reach of the Games.

See a list of Pre-Games Training Camps* that were negotiated across the UK as at February 2012 at:

* Please note - this is not a list of final agreed training camps.

No training venue? No problem! Become a Local Leader!

If there are no teams based at training venues nearby but you want to plan a celebration for the Games, look no further. Sign up to be a Local Leader (visit and whether you invite three friends or your whole community, you will be provided with the tools to make your celebration one to remember.

It’s really simple. Just pick an occasion and get planning. If you need some inspiration, have a look at the ideas on the London 2012 website (visit ). You can also check out the tools and tips to get you started planning your event.
Whatever you decide to do, sign up for Local Leader notifications and over the next few months you’ll receive planning guides, 'Save the date' cards, decoration ideas, exclusive offers and more.

Ideas on how to celebrate with Host a Nation Week

We live in a world of increased connections and interdependence, and the UK has a long history of trading, cultural and sporting links with other countries. We have always thrived on the exchange of skills, goods and ideas. Our society is a strong fusion of different cultures and approaches.

In the summer of 2012, top athletes from across the world will arrive in the UK to give the performance of a lifetime in their chosen disciplines. They’ll find themselves in a country which is more than ready to celebrate their arrival and cheer them on. It’s going to be an unforgettable time and we want you to be part of it!
The following pages provide some ideas and food for thought for events and activities that your community may wish to consider as part of Host a Nation Week. Please be as innovative as you wish! Use all or some of the assets your locality has to offer to make the week beneficial for you and the Nation you are hosting.
You could choose the arrival or departure dates of the team, perhaps even an existing community event - whatever suits you best!
An outline Event Action Plan is also included in the Annex to help you organise your community event or activity, but this is for guidance only. We have also included a section on safety and security and on branding on page 17 which you should take into account when organising any public event or activity.

Culture, sport and society:

Have you considered hosting an event to celebrate the cultures of your community and the country you are hosting – whether it’s visual art, music, film or food?

Or, if you are involved in a sports club, how about hosting a sporting event inviting people from the country you are hosting or, if appropriate, some of the athletes from a nearby Pre-Games Training Camp (bearing in mind the advice set out in page 16)?
Or how about hosting a discussion to explore each other’s cultures – celebrating both the similarities and differences?
The Musubi Project ( in the East Midlands is a great example of a cultural exchange. Or there may be a local group or diaspora which has existing links and exchanges with the nation in question.

Case study: Birmingham/ Jamaica
As part of the Birmingham Jamaica Sports Legacy Exchange Programme surrounding the stay in Birmingham by the Jamaican Track and Field team prior to the Olympics, Jamaica Netball U16's squad along with their coaches visited Birmingham from 10th - 16th April for a series of high profile matches against a Birmingham U16's Select Squad, as well as a young England Excel team. Jamaica are keen to develop a relationship based on competition whilst Birmingham are hoping to exchange coaching knowledge.
Opportunities included hosting an activity for the Jamaicans or volunteering and helping out - this resulted in a volunteer coming forward to be with the Jamaican group for the week they were here, and young netballers volunteering to be ball girls and scorers.

Case study 2: Trinidad and Tobago Triangle
The Trinidad and Tobago Triangular Exchange Programme links schools from Wales, England and Trinidad & Tobago.
This international project is the first of its kind to receive the Inspire Mark and is aimed at maximising the impact of Welsh success in securing the London 2012 Trinidad and Tobago Pre-Games Training Camp.

The project owned by Welsh Athletics creates a Virtual Athletics League where trained pupils deliver and take part in sporting activities and then post their results online. Schools are also using the Olympic values to engage with pupils regarding sport, culture, healthy lifestyles amongst many other things. Phase two of the project will hopefully see an athletics competition between all three schools in Cardiff in 2012.

Business and tourism:
Are you part of a business community? Have you identified a potential new market in the country represented at a nearby Pre-Games Training Camp?
The Games are a unique opportunity to showcase ‘Brand Britain’ to the world and attract new business and investment to our country. They are also a shop window for you to promote your local brand and Host a Nation Week is an ideal vehicle to build new relationships with international partners.
The trade and investment arm of government, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), are working hard to ensure that the whole of the country can enjoy the multi-billion pound business benefits hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games offer.
Think about the opportunities for business and tourism that Host a Nation Week could foster for your community.

Further help and advice:

  • UKTI’s British Business Club is aimed at helping you make the most of business networking activity around London 2012 and other major sports events. Find out more:

  • Find your local Chamber of Commerce here:

  • is a free resource designed by VisitBritain to help UK tourism professionals and businesses identify and connect with opportunities around the Games

Case study: Loughborough/Japan
The UK Trade & Investment team in the East Midlands have been drumming up business contacts with Japan – around Team Japan’s choice to base themselves ahead of the Games at the world class facilities at Loughborough University.
Having members from a 600 strong team visiting the area from the world’s third largest economy proved a great business potential. Bi-lateral events started in early 2010 with a Japan Day attended by both the Japanese and UK Ambassadors launching the inaugural East Midlands market visit.
This has since been followed by a second market visit in September 2011 to explore the potential in Japan. Nottingham artist and businesswoman Emma Ball was amongst the delegation. Offers were received from all five distributors Emma met. Orders came through quickly and Emma has more than recouped the cost of the visit. New designs to satisfy Japanese art lovers are in development and another visit is planned, during which Emma will be signing at major department stores and showing at all the British trade fairs across Japan.
Successful trade relationships between East Midlands companies and Japanese counterparts have started well in advance of the Olympics, and will last long after the closing ceremony.

Case study: Manchester/Australia
Manchester City Council has long been working with local inward investment agencies within Greater Manchester as part of their on-going strategy to maximise the economic benefits of hosting Pre-Games Training Camps in the city. They held an Australia-Manchester Business Networking Event back in 2009, where 120 guests attended a business drinks reception, representing 48 regional companies and organisations with commercial links to Australia. Following this success, they are currently exploring similar opportunities for 2012.

Opportunities for Schools

Host a Nation Week has been designed as an opportunity to involve members right across your community in activities inspired by the teams and nations of the London 2012 Games.

Before you start, it is worth being aware of some of the major opportunities already being taken up by schools and colleges across the UK through Get Set, London 2012’s official education programme (
Therefore, although schools already involved in Get Set may not be your primary focus, some of your local schools might also be interested in getting involved with your Host a Nation Week event or activity so we do encourage you to get in touch with them and to tell them what you have planned. Indeed, schools may like to maintain the momentum generated on World Sport Day on 25 June right through to Host a Nation Week and may relish the opportunity to share what they did on World Sport Day with a wider audience.

Get Set to Support a Team
Through Get Set, schools from across the UK have been learning about and becoming supporters of the teams and nations competing in the London 2012 Games. All schools have been encouraged to become supporters of at least one Olympic and one Paralympic team, and to make their selection using the global interactive world map to choose teams which are either training near them at Pre-Games Training Camps; with which their school or community has an existing link; or which they have never heard of but want to learn more about.
We would encourage you to ensure that your local schools are supporting teams in the lead-up to the London 2012 Games and that they have London 2012 World Sport Day in their diary and are ready to celebrate!
Find more online and view the interactive map here:

London 2012 World Sport Day – Monday 25 June
As a continuation of this, all UK schools and colleges are being encouraged to join London 2012 in celebrating the athletes and cultures of the world on Monday 25 June 2012 for London 2012 World Sport Day, presented by Lloyds TSB. London 2012 World Sport Day also provides a great opportunity for schools to involve parents, governors, other local schools and members of the wider community.
Schools can request their free event pack, full of branded posters and stickers, at Members of the Get Set network will receive a bumper edition of the event pack, containing an inflatable globe, giant banner and colourful bunting.

International Inspiration
In addition, your local schools may have links to schools abroad through the International Inspiration (II) programme. II is now working in 20 countries around the world, using sport as a positive force to enrich the lives of young people. School partnerships provide an opportunity for teachers, children and young people to develop and share innovative approaches to PE, sport and play, as well as learn about each other’s cultures and experiences.
For more information on International Inspiration go to and for more information on school linking go to: .

School Games
The School Games gives every school in England the opportunity to harness the power of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to inspire its pupils to take part in competitive sport. It is not a single event, but a calendar of events designed to help schools embed competitive sport at the heart of a rounded education for their pupils.
Schools can register for the School Games and find out more about the events happening in their area at

Get organised!
If you are feeling inspired to organise a Host a Nation Week event in your community or area, the suggested Event Action Plan in the Annex may help you take those first steps. Remember - your local Council may also offer further advice and support for organising events inspired by London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
You can get in touch with your local council here:
Further help and information can be found at:

  • DirectGov advice on organising community events:

  • Or check out the Streets Alive website ( for advice on outdoor events - what licences may or may not be needed, how to arrange a street closure, and whether insurance is needed.

  • The Local Government Association’s Community Events discussion group provides a forum for councils and partners to discuss how to run better events:

  • Government is investing significantly in protecting and improving local sports facilities and playing grounds, one of which could be a potential venue for your Host a Nation Week event or activity. Find out where at:

You may be eligible for funding, whether for a one-off event or as part of a longer term project. However, it is important that your funding application meets the eligibility requirements and priorities of the organisation concerned. Below are just a few examples of potential funding options.

Potential funding options:

  • - Cabinet Office funded website displaying all government funds for communities

  • - Big Lottery Funding website with some small grants available

  • - website signposting to the grant-giving foundations in each county across the UK

  • – lists details of organisations that offer information on funding

Involving the athletes
Please remember that the priority for the athletes based at nearby training venues will understandably be on preparing for the Games. Preparation and training is of paramount importance for every athlete and team at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Years and years of effort are spent building towards the few minutes of competition that are the pinnacle of every competitor’s career.
Any community engagement by the teams will, of course, be entirely voluntary. Each team will have their own approach to community engagement as part of their wider preparation and training plans. Where opportunities permit, communities throughout the UK can play an important part in welcoming teams and playing a part in a great Olympic and Paralympic Games.
If you are considering involving athletes in your Host a Nation Week event please get in touch as early as possible via your nearest Nations and Regions Group Coordinator:

  • The Nations and Regions Group helps make sure the whole of the UK is involved in and benefits from the 2012 Games. You can find out more about the Nations and Regions Group at:

Nations and Regions Group contacts:



E-mail Address

East Midlands

Tracy Croft

East of England

Katie Huane


Darren Letford

North East

Tanya Gray

North West

Rob Young

Northern Ireland

Lorraine Conlon


Karen Lax

South East

Karen Lacey

South West

Deborah Bertram


Arthur Emyr


West Midlands

Chris Kirkland

Yorkshire and Humber

Julie Gatenby

Alternatively you could contact the Embassy of the nation you are hosting.

Don’t forget the small print!

Security and Branding

Safety and security
A key objective in the planning of an event is to ensure that spectators and guests are able to enjoy these events in a safe and secure environment. Councils have been working hard to remove red tape and make it as simple as possible to hold an event.
Your council licensing department will be happy to advise you on whether you need a licence or permit. For smaller events that don’t sell alcohol or include any staging, it is unlikely that you will need a licence. But do make sure you check.

Each local police force has been issued with centrally produced guidance which sets out their responsibilities in respect of the provision of security advice to event organisers. If you apply for a licence, you may be shortly contacted by a member of the local police force, who will assess the security requirements and can offer advice.

It is essential that you consider the size and scope of your event carefully and -whether you require a licence or not - you implement an appropriate level of safety and security. More advice can be found at
If you are a landowner who wishes to make your land available to host an event, then there is information available to help you understand you limited responsibilities and how to manage safety. Find out more on the Visitor Safety in the Countryside website:

Brand protection
The Olympic and Paralympic brands are some of the most valuable in the world, and London 2012 sponsors have invested millions of pounds in the Games to make them possible. LOCOG (the London 2012 Organising Committee) must preserve the exclusive rights to associate with the Games which have been granted to partners and sponsors in the UK and protect them from ambush marketing. As such, the brands are not for use by businesses or political party entities.
Therefore, please ensure that no Host a Nation Week event or activity gives organisations or any brands an association with the Games.
Full details of the laws protecting the brands, the importance of doing so, and what this means in practice for businesses and non-commercial entities are available at:

Get in touch!

Do let us know what you have planned! You can upload your event to the London 2012 Join In event listings. Please remember to enter your event or activity as a Host a Nation Week event under the Local Authorities Celebration Programme. You can visit the site here:

You can also see what other communities nearby are planning for Host a Nation Week on the London 2012 ‘What’s on’ page:

Annex – Event Action Plan

Factors to consider




What do we want to do?

What do we want to achieve?



Who can help?

How much funding?


Equipment – what have we got to use?

Safety and security




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