Horse Burial in Scandinavia during the Viking Age

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To Valhalla by Horseback?

Horse Burial in Scandinavia during the Viking Age

A Master’s Thesis in Nordic Viking and Medieval Culture

Peter Shenk

The Center for Viking and Medieval Studies

The Faculty of Arts

University of Oslo

Fall 2002


I would like to sincerely thank my two advisors on this project, Christian Keller and Terje Gansum. Christian’s no-nonsense criticism was very helpful in keeping me honest, as much as I wanted to cut corners here and there. Terje was kind enough to step in at the last moment and bring new ideas and research to my attention.

I am deeply grateful to my father for his expert proofreading, valuable commentary and overall encouragement. It never hurts to have an English professor in the family.

I would also like to express my gratitude to my friends Bernard Vehmeyer and Wouter DeJong for their hospitality and support during my academically-oriented stay in Amsterdam.

Peter E. Shenk 11.11.02

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