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Horror 250 Pack
Disc 1 Side A

Alien Contamination

A cargo ship from South America drifts into New York City harbor and the police board the vessel to discover what happened to the crew. Finding the crew dead, apparently from their internal organs bursting out of their torso, the police discover the reason for the crew’s deaths were some mysterious eggs in the cargo bay. Hoping to find the source of the eggs, the police officer heading up the investigation tracks down a former astronaut, who was part of a Mars mission that went horribly wrong.

Starring Ian McCulloch

(1981) Color 83 Minutes Rated R

Alien Species

A fleet of UFOs is circling the Earth and a top scientist races to discover their true intentions for the planet. When the UFOs begin an attack on Earth, the scientist finds himself thrown in with a sheriff and his deputies transporting some prisoners to jail. The unlikely group is forced to seek shelter from the attack in a nearby cave, not knowing how significant the location is to the alien’s plans.

Starring Charles Napier

(1996) Color 92 Minutes Unrated

Disc 1 Side B

Atomic Rulers of the World

The Earth is threatened with atomic destruction if the people of Mirapolia are not allowed to rule the planet. Observers from a distant planet, far off in space, have been observing the Earth and see the peril it’s facing. Hoping to offer aid to the citizens of Earth, the benevolent aliens send their champion Starman to face off against the leaders of Mirapolia and take care of their atomic weapons.

Starring Ken Utsui

(1964) B&W 76 Minutes Unrated

The Alpha Incident

A Mars space probe returns to Earth and brings with it a microorganism from the red planet. While transporting the microscopic alien life form by train, there is an accident and the microorganism is unleashed. Exposure to the alien virus forces four strangers into quarantine while government scientists rush to find a cure.

Starring Ralph Meeker

(1977) Color 86 Minutes Rated PG

Disc 2 Side A

Attack from Space

The Earth is threatened by the forces of the evil Spherions, an alien race out to conquer the universe. The Spherions are aided in their attempt to take over the Earth by some of the world’s top scientists. Standing in the way of the alien invaders and their traitorous allies is Starman, mighty interplanetary champion sent to Earth to defend the planet against galactic menaces.

Starring Ken Utsui

(1964) B&W 76 Minutes Unrated

Beast of the Yellow Night

A man is saved from certain death by selling his soul to the Devil, who charges him with recruiting others to his evil cause. As part of his terms for relinquishing control of his soul to Satan, the man is cursed to endure transformation into a hideous creature and stalk his victims by night. The local authorities want to find and destroy this murderous creature before it can take another victim, while the man looks to find a way to end his cursed existence.

Starring John Ashley

(1971) Color 87 Minutes Rated R

Disc 2 Side B

Warriors of the Wasteland

In a post-apocalyptic future, a group of weary survivors is faced with a relentless onslaught from a gang of roving bandits. Into this conflict comes two men, rivals by nature, but forced to take the same side against a common foe. The survival of the human race may very well come down to the outcome of this battle!

Starring Fred Williamson

(1983) Color 90 Minutes Rated R

Werewolf Woman

A young woman suffers from the delusion that she is a werewolf, based upon a family legend of an ancestor accused of and killed for allegedly being one. Due to her past treatment by men, she travels the countryside seducing and then killing the men she meets. Falling in love with a kind man, her life appears to take a turn for the better when she is raped and her lover is killed by a band of thugs. Traumatized again by these latest events, the woman returns to her violent ways and seeks revenge on the thugs.

Starring Anne Borel

(1976) Color 98 Minutes Rated R

Disc 3 Side A

The Nightmare Never Ends

The investigation into the mysterious death of an aging Nazi war criminal hunter brings a surprising revelation to the cop working on the case. It appears the old man was actually following an individual with ties to the Nazis, who seems to have not aged in appearance in spite of the passage of over 30 years. The policeman and some other individuals decide to track down the mysterious individual to find out his horrifying secret.

Starring Cameron Mitchell

(1980) Color 88 Minutes Unrated

Counterblast (Devil’s Plot)

A Nazi scientist escapes Germany prior to its surrender at the end of World War II and sets up a lab in England using the identity of an Australian scientist he murdered. Hoping to complete his germ-warfare experiment, in the hopes of its use by Nazis in a future war, the scientist’s agenda becomes complicated when he falls in love with his lab assistant.

Starring Robert Beatty

(1948) B&W 99 Minutes Unrated

Disc 3 Side B

All the Kind Strangers

A family of seven children are living without parents is a swampy backwoods area all by themselves. Some of the children get the idea that it would be good to have parents or guardians to look over them so, they take in two strangers and make them the parents they so desperately want. The couple finds that getting away from these children will be more difficult than they imagined.

Starring Stacy Keach

(1974) Color 74 Minutes Unrated

The Day the Sky Exploded

A space mission goes awry when the experimental rocket malfunctions, forcing the astronaut to eject in an escape capsule and sending the rocket into deep space, where it explodes. The explosion causes a group of asteroids to veer from orbit around the sun, setting them on a collision course with Earth. With the impending doom approaching the planet, the nations of the world desperately attempt to come up with a plan to destroy the rogue planetoids.

Starring Paul Huschmid

(1958) B&W 79 Minutes Unrated

Disc 4 Side A
Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules

A Hydra is threatening the countryside and the people are terrified for their lives. The people’s only hope of survival rests with Maxus, a powerful man who has the strength of many men. Before Maxus can battle the multi-headed monster, he must face other challenges in order to prove himself worthy and to prepare for the fateful battle.

Starring Reg Lewis

(1962) Color 79 Minutes Unrated

The Doomsday Machine

An upcoming space mission to Venus becomes even more vital after a startling secret is revealed. Foreign agents have revealed a secret plot by the Chinese where they have manufactured the ultimate weapon, capable of destroying everything on the surface of the planet. The mission to our sister planet now becomes a fight for the survival of the human race, as the crew must try to save the Earth from destruction.

Starring Grant Williams

(1972) Color 82 Minutes Unrated

Disc 4 Side B


A research scientist is experimenting with human DNA in an attempt to create the perfect human being. His work has made it to the point where he can take a human fetus and accelerate its growth to that of an adult within a few days. His latest creation is a beautiful woman, but side effects from the process turn the woman into a deranged killer.

Starring Rock Hudson

(1976) Color 104 Minutes Rated PG

End of the World

A scientist discovers signals from space that appear to carry information concerning a series of seemingly unrelated natural disasters, occurring across the globe. Hoping to discover the source of these signals and who’s behind them, the scientist and his wife set out on a trek to locate the intended recipient of the signals. What the couple eventually discovers is a small remote convent with occupants who are not really who they appears to be.

Starring Christopher Lee

(1977) Color 86 Minutes Rated PG

Disc 5 Side A

Eternal Evil (The Blue Man)

A bored television director is introduced to the black arts and astral projection by his girlfriend. Learning the ability to separate his spirit from his body, the man finds a renewed interest in his life and a sense of wellbeing. Unfortunately, the man discovers while he is sleeping, his spirit leaves his body and his uncontrolled body roams the streets in a murderous rampage.

Starring Winston Rekert

(1985) Color 85 Minutes Rated R

Evil Brain from Outer Space

A giant alien brain is leading its forces across the far reaches of space with the intent to conquer the universe. Arriving at Earth, the monstrous brain unleashes a horde of monsters upon the planet to spread disease and destruction. The Earth’s only hope of survival rests with Starman, the hero from another world, who must use all of his awesome power to defeat the monsters and stop the alien brain.

Starring Ken Utsui

(1956) B&W 78 Minutes Unrated

Disc 5 Side B

Shadow of Chinatown

A group of Chinese merchants and importers are the target of a European import firm that uses a beautiful Eurasian girl and a mad scientist as the means to put them out of business. A newspaper reporter and her dashing boyfriend learn of the problems the Chinatown businessmen are dealing with and decide to investigate.

Starring Bela Lugosi

(1936) B&W 71 Minutes Unrated

The Disappearance of Flight 412

A flight wing of the Air Force has been experiencing difficulties with some of its aircraft so as a test they send aloft a jet with a four-man crew. Once airborne, the jet picks up three mysterious objects on radar and when two interceptors are sent to investigate, they mysteriously disappear.

Starring Glenn Ford

(1974) Color 72 Minutes Unrated

Idaho Transfer

A group of research scientists based at an Idaho facility discovers a means to travel forward in time, whilst remaining at the same locale. When one of the group’s trips reveals a bleak future for the human race, the government steps in to shut down their research. The researchers decide to travel forward in time to find the cause of the horrible accident that apparently will ruin the ecology and threaten the very existence of man.

Starring Keith Carradine

(1973) Color 86 Minutes Rated PG

Disc 6 Side A

Good Against Evil

A young couple is forced to confront the ultimate horror when Satan decides to claim the young woman as his own. The boyfriend consults with two priests in the hopes of getting guidance on his spiritual dilemma. The two priests in turn decide to perform an exorcism in order to rid the woman of her possession. The boyfriend and the exorcists are pitted in a battle for the woman’s soul with Satan and his clan of worshipers.

Starring Kim Cattrall

(1977) Color 84 Minutes Unrated

Alien Zone

A man in town for a convention gets lost while trying to return to his hotel room, after seeing a woman, and ends up being taken in by a mortician to wait out a storm. To pass the time, the mortician shows the man four recently deceased people and begins to tell him how each person ended up as an occupant of one of his coffins.

Starring John Ericson

(1978) Color 79 Minutes Rated PG

Disc 6 Side B

The Fury of the Wolf Man

While traveling in the mountains, a man is attacked by a mysterious creature that promptly departs, leaving no trace of its presence. Unbeknownst to the man, he has been attacked by a werewolf and now he’s inherited the curse associated with such creatures. Now our hero must race against time to rid himself of this dreaded affliction before the next full moon.

Starring Paul Naschy

(1972) Color 84 Minutes Rated PG

House of the Living Dead

An insane scientist has been experimenting with the transfer of souls between human beings. The crazed doctor has conducted his nefarious deeds upon even his own family members, including the exchange of his own soul into his brother’s body. With his soul now inhabiting a new body, the madman believes he can continue his experiments uninterrupted.

Starring Mark Burns

(1973) Color 87 Minutes Rated PG

Disc 7 Side A

The Lost City (Part 1 & 2)

Scientist Bruce Gordon develops a machine that tracks the electrical disturbances wrecking havoc on the world. His device leads him to a remote Central African region called the Magnetic Mountains, where a hidden city houses a mad scientist with plans to take over the world by using an invention that has been creating the electrical disturbances. Gordon and his band of explorers must try to stop this madman while also liberating the creator of the electrical machine and his beautiful daughter.

Starring William Boyd

(1935) B&W 98 & 106 Minutes Unrated

Disc 7 Side B

The Lost World (Silent)

This was the first screen adaptation of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story of prehistoric creatures still alive on a remote Amazon plateau. An expedition is lead by Professor Challenger and consists of a newspaper reporter, a big-game hunter and his servant as well as the daughter of the plateau’s discoverer, who is still stranded in this uncharted land. After a long journey, the group finds the prehistoric land and encounters all kinds of remarkable plants, dinosaurs and ape-like men.

Starring Wallace Beery

(1925) B&W 68 Minutes Unrated

This is not a Test

A California deputy sheriff sets up a roadblock on a mountain highway leading to a city. He begins to stop motorists to inform them of some terrible news; a missile containing an atomic bomb is heading towards the city. The motorists and the deputy struggle with deciding on either finding shelter inside the back of a truck, for possible survival, or whether to go to the mountaintop to face the impending doom.

Starring Seamon Glass

(1962) B&W 72 Minutes Unrated

Disc 8 Side A

Menace from Outer Space

Rocky Jones, illustrious captain in the Space Rangers, must try to save Earth from certain destruction by what appears to be fast-approaching comet. After the comet crashes, it is discovered to be a crystalline missile launched from a moon of Jupiter. Rocky and his crew must set out on a dangerous trip to this mysterious moon and discover who launched the missile.

Starring Richard Crane

(1956) B&W 76 Minutes Unrated

Maciste in Hell

Our hero Maciste saves a young child from the grips of a demon and decides to take the fight to the demon’s home. Maciste travels into the depths of Hell, in order to track down the Devil, to stop the evil from spreading across the Earth. Maciste struggles with many different perils along his trip into Hell and appears to be defeated, if not for an act of kindness from a friend.

Starring Bartolomeo Pagano

(1925) B&W 95 Minutes Unrated

Disc 8 Side B

The Mistress of Atlantis

Two French Foreign Legionnaires are lost amid the shifting sands of the Sahara Desert when they stumble across the entrance to an underground world. Searching this newly found subterranean passage, our heroes are surprised to find the lost city of Atlantis. Ruling over this fantastic underworld realm, an evil queen sets her sights upon these strangers to her kingdom.

Starring Brigitte Helm

(1932) B&W 87 Minutes Unrated

Night Fright

A Texas community is beset with a rash of mysterious killings involving some of the students from the local college. The sheriff investigating the death discovers the startling identity of the killer responsible for the murders. A NASA experiment involving cosmic rays has mutated an ape and turned it into an unstoppable killing machine with a thirst for blood.

Starring John Agar

(1968) Color 75 Minutes Unrated

Disc 9 Side A

How Awful About Allan

A man is unable to save his father from a fire that kills him and disfigures his sister. Sent away to a mental institution for evaluation, the man returns later to take up residence at his sister’s home. Psychosomatically blinded by the incident, the man struggles with his life daily but finds things harder for him, when strange incidents begin to happen to him that has people doubting his sanity. Is it someone with a vendetta against him or is it something far more sinister?

Starring Anthony Perkins

(1970) Color 74 Minutes Rated PG


A British research scientist is working with various forms of bacteria when he is accidentally exposed to a deadly variety due to a lab accident. The exposure transforms the scientist into a hideous, flesh-eating monster and he begins a rampage in the local community that has the government considering whether or not to destroy the entire town to contain the problem.

Starring David Warbeck

(1976) Color 91 Minutes Rated R

Disc 9 Side B

Piranha, Piranha

Two wildlife photographers are traveling through the Amazon River basin on their latest assignment. While trying to capture the wildlife of the area on film, our photographers cross paths with a game hunter, who is stalking the animals for another reason. Looking to eliminate the witnesses to his illegal activities, the hunter decides to hunt the photographers in order to silence them.

Starring William Smith

(1972) Color 89 Minutes Rated PG

The Phantom Creeps

Dr. Alex Zorka (Bela Lugosi) is the creator of several wondrous devices that a former partner asks him to contribute to the U. S. Government, but he decides to use for his own benefit and ultimately world domination. With foreign spies desperate to get their hands on Dr. Zorka’s inventions, the U.S. Government sends in Captain Bob West of the Military Intelligence Department to find the doctor, who has gone into hiding after the death of his wife, and stop both him and the spies before either can use the devices for their evil purposes.

Starring Bela Lugosi

(1939) B&W 78 Minutes Unrated

Disc 10 Side A

Purple Death from Outer Space

Flash Gordon (Buster Crabbe), Dale Arden (Carol Hughes) and Dr. Zarkov must once again go to the planet Mongo and fight the evil emperor Ming (Charles Middleton) when a deadly “Purple Death” plague breaks out on Earth. Tracing the source of the “Purple Death” to Mongo, our group of adventurers flies to there in Dr. Zarkov’s rocket where they discover that Emperor Ming, whom they believed died at the end of their last battle, is still alive. He is threatening to not only conquer all of Mongo, but also is attacking Earth again, using a "Death Dust" spread by his spaceships that will eventually destroy everyone on Earth.

Starring Buster Crabbe

(1940) B&W 88 Minutes Unrated

Prisoners of the Lost Universe

A scientist has developed a matter transmitter that he is about to demonstrate for two people when an earthquake occurs, disrupting the test and plunging the trio into a parallel universe. The trio must adjust to the strange new world, where medieval weaponry is mixed with modern technology, all the while trying to find a way to travel back home. The scientist becomes separated from the young couple and they attempt to find him, all the while a warlord is trying to stop them, so he can take the young woman for his own.

Starring Richard Hatch

(1984) Color 94 Minutes Unrated

Disc 10 Side B

Radio Ranch

Gene Autry and his pals are amazed to discover a secret underground civilization located below their ranch. The under dwellers have advanced technology and intend to use it in their attempt to conquer the surface world. It’s going to take all of the tricks in Gene’s bag to stave off this invasion from beneath the surface!

Starring Gene Autry

(1940) B&W 70 Minutes Unrated


A man returns to his home town after the death of his father to deal with the family inheritance and see some old friends. While he was expecting to receive his father’s home and wealth as an inheritance, the man discovers something else has been bestowed upon him. The man learns of the long-kept family secret when he becomes a werewolf, a result of a curse placed upon his family by a vengeful priest.

Starring Earl Owensby, Kristina Reynolds, Edward Grady

(1979) Color 102 Minutes Rated PG

Disc 11 Side A

Robot Pilot (Emergency Landing)

A test pilot and his weather observer partner are trying to develop a robot-controlled plane they hope their employer can sell to the Army. Foreign agents learn of their work and sabotage the plane, hoping to stop the inventors and allowing the spies to steal the invention. Our inventors hope to thwart the plans of the spies and deliver the robot plane to the Army, thus saving the company.

Starring Forrest Tucker

(1941) B&W 67 Minutes Unrated

Ring of Terror

A medical school student is pledging a fraternity but he harbors a dark secret from his past. A traumatic experience from his childhood comes back to haunt him, when his fraternity hazing brings back his memories. This simple fraternity prank ends up going horribly wrong for our pledge and his would-be fraternity brothers.

Starring George E. Mather

(1962) B&W 63 Minutes Unrated

Frozen Alive

A scientist is working on a suspended animation process where a human being is frozen and then revived later. Deciding to use himself as the guinea pig, the scientist has his assistant place him into suspended animation to prove the process works. While in the process, the scientist’s ex-wife is murdered and he becomes the prime suspect in her death.

Starring Mark Stevens

(1966) B&W 75 Minutes Unrated

Disc 11 Side B

Star Odyssey

A race of aliens is enroute to Earth with the intent of enslaving the human race. The world turns to a top scientist in the hopes he, and the team he puts together, can come up with a plan to drive off the extraterrestrial invaders. Is there enough time for our hero and his companions to prepare for a fight that will decide the fate of the entire planet?

Starring Yanti Sommer

(1979) Color 103 Minutes Unrated

Terror at the Red Wolf Inn

A college student returns to her dorm room after class and discovers she is the winner of an all-expense paid vacation to the Red Wolf Inn. Before she can share her good fortune with her parents, she and two other girls are whisked away to begin their vacation of a lifetime. When one of the guests suddenly disappears, the young woman doesn’t believe the explanation the old couple who run the inn gives her concerning the strange goings on at the Red Wolf.

Starring Linda Gillen

(1972) Color 78 Minutes Rated PG

Disc 12 Side A

The Manster

An American reporter traveling in Japan stops to meet and interview a reclusive Japanese scientist at his mountain laboratory. The scientist greets the curious newsman and, after getting to know him, concludes the reporter is the perfect test subject for his latest experiment. After injecting the reporter against his will, the scientist discovers his serum changes the man into a hideous two-headed creature.

Starring Peter Dyneley

(1962) B&W 72 Minutes Unrated

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