Horace Mann/Illinois Principals Association Name 2016-2017 Assistant Principal of the Year

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February 16, 2016

Organization: Illinois Principals Association

Contact: Jason E. Leahy

Title: Executive Director

Phone: 217-525-1383 • Fax: 217-525-7264

Email: jason@ilprincipals.org

For Immediate Release

Horace Mann/Illinois Principals Association Name 2016-2017 Assistant Principal of the Year
Horace Mann and the Illinois Principals Association are pleased to announce that Andrew Johnson, Assistant Principal of Teutopolis High School, in Teutopolis, has been named 2016-2017 Assistant Principal of the Year. The award recognizes assistant principals who have demonstrated a positive impact on their students and learning community. Criteria for the award include:

  • Demonstrates positive impact on education and advocacy for children

  • Ensures the school climate is positive and reflects high staff and student morale

  • Demonstrates creativity and imagination in bringing about positive change

  • Willing to take risks to improve student learning

  • Moves actively to implement the goals and objectives of the school

  • Works collaboratively with teachers and other staff to improve the educational program and student achievement

  • Anticipates emerging problems and acts effectively to resolve them

  • Involves the community in the life of the school and uses community resources for students.

Johnson has been active in the Illinois Principals Association as Wabash Valley Region Assistant Principal Chair and most recently, served as chair of a downstate Assistant Principal and Dean of Student Forum held this January. Locally, Johnson initiated and currently administers the Student of the Month/Rookie of the Month program at Teutopolis High School, and is heavily involved in fundraising for both athletics and technology throughout the district. Johnson has spent fourteen years as a classroom teacher and six as an administrator.

“Assistant Principals are educational leaders who serve students and their communities in so many capacities. Andrew Johnson is to be commended for his compassion, leadership and efforts to do what is best for his students,” said Jason Leahy, IPA Executive Director.
The Assistant Principal of the Year winner was selected from a pool of region nominees provided by the 21 Regions of the Illinois Principals Association. Andrew will be recognized at the IPA’s annual Education Leaders Summer Conference in 2017 and will receive a $1000 honorarium.
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The Illinois Principals Association is a leadership organization which serves almost 5100 educational leaders throughout the state of Illinois. You can find out more about the IPA at www.ilprincipals.org. Visit http://www.ilprincipals.org/about-ipa/awards for more information about the IPA Principal of the Year Awards Program.
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